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Open Calls for Contributions

  • Industrial Papers
    • Industrial papers on the Conference Topics
    • Call for industrial presentations is still open, up to the 20th of July.
    • You can send the email to:
    • After acceptance, camera ready papers are due by September 2.
    • Publication will be within the "industrial part" of the conference proceedings.
  • Workshops: MUSICNETWORK MPEG Symbolic Music Representation
    • Educational solutions, Music and Multimedia, Interactive Music
    • Interactive Multimedia Music
    • Call for presentations is still open, up to the 20th of July.
    • You can send the email to:
    • After acceptance, camera ready papers are due by September 2.
    • Publication will be within the "industrial part" of the conference proceedings.
  • Workshops: Virtual Goods Technical, Economic and Legal Aspects of Business Models for Virtual Goods
    • Presentation and broad discussion of up-to-date work, both practical and theoretical on these topics: (i) business models for virtual goods, (ii) incentive and community management for virtual goods, (iii) economic and legal aspects of virtual goods
    • Call for Papers for the Virtual Goods workshop, up to the 20th of July.
    • You can submit them to Juergen Nuetzel
    • After acceptance, camera ready papers are due by September 2.
    • Publication will be within the "industrial part" of the conference proceedings.


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General chair:
Paolo Nesi,
DSI-DISIT, Univ. of Florence
Florence, Italy

Research co-chairs:
Kia Ng
ICSRiM, University of Leeds
Leeds, UK

Jaime Delgado
Universitat Pompeu Fabra
Barcelona, Spain

Atta Badii
IRC, University of Readings

Industrial co-chairs:
Claudio Marangoni
HP, Italy

Laurence Pearce
xim Ltd, UK

Publicity co-chairs:
Gian Maria Brega
Giunti Interactive Labs, Italy

Local Committee chair:
Pierfrancesco Bellini
DSI-DISIT, Univ. of Florence

Secretarial & Administration:
Simonetta Ceglia
DSI-DISIT, Univ. of Florence

Bee Ong
ICSRiM, University of Leeds

Sponsored by AXMEDIS Consortium:

Supported by:


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European Commission


Current developments in the cross media domain require innovative and new technologies to meet the challenges of the marketplace. The AXMEDIS conference combines the activities of the WEDELMUSIC conference series ( with the AXMEDIS consortium. The AXMEDIS consortium consists of leading European digital content producers, integrators, aggregators, distributors, and information technology companies and research groups involved in content production, protection and content distribution via different channels including interactive TV (i-TV), DVBT, DVBS, personal computer, kiosk, mobile phone, PDA and others.

This event seeks to promote discussion and interaction between researchers, practitioners, developers and users of tools, technology transfer experts, and project managers. AXMEDIS-2005 will bring together a variety of participants from the academic, business and industrial worlds, to address different technical and commercial issues. Particular interests include the exchange of concepts, prototypes, research ideas, industrial experiences and other results.

The conference focuses on the challenges in the cross-media domain (including production, protection, management, representation, formats, aggregation, workflow, distribution, business and transaction models), and the integration of content management systems and distribution chains, with particularly emphasis on the reduction of costs and solutions for complex cross-domain problems.

Topics of interest include, but are not restricted to, the following aspects:

  • Automatic cross-media production, gathering, crawling, composition, formatting, P2P, etc.
  • Formats and models for multi-channel content distribution
  • Multimedia standards such as MPEG-7, MPEG-21, DMP, etc.
  • Legal aspects related to digital content
  • High quality Audio Video Coding
  • Multimedia Music representation and formatting
  • Watermarking and fingerprinting techniques
  • GRID and Distributed systems for Content production
  • Multimedia Middle Ware
  • Workflow management systems
  • Web services for content distribution
  • Distribution with P2P architectures
  • Semantic Web and P2P
  • Collecting and clearing of rights and licenses
  • Formats and tools for Content Aware
  • Archives managements for cultural and educational applications
  • Digital Rights Management (DRM), models and tools, and interoperability
  • Synchronisation technologies and solutions
  • Business and transaction models
  • Systems and approaches for content production/distribution on demand
  • Digital Content User Interface
  • Digital Content accessibility
  • Payments model
  • Novel applications and case-studies of relevant technologies

RESEARCH PAPERS (long and short): Papers should describe original and significant work in the research and industrial practice of related topics. (i) Research studies, applications and experiments are particularly welcome. Papers should be limited to 8 pages in length. (ii) Shorter papers on work-in-progress, interim results, advanced topic position paper are also welcome. Submissions should be limited to 4 pages in length. Document style can be found at the conference website. Accepted papers will be published in the conference proceedings.

APPLICATIONS and INDUSTRIAL Presentations: Proposals for presentations of Applications and Tools are welcome. These include reports on the application and utilisation of tools, industrial practices and models, or tool/system demonstrations. A summary of up to two pages of accepted proposals will be published in the conference proceedings.

PANELS, WORKSHOPS and TUTORIALS: Proposal for panels, workshops and tutorials are invited - please contact for details. AXMEDIS and other Tutorials will be hosted.

ALL submissions and proposals have to be written in English and submitted in PDF format via email to by 10 April 2005 (extended deadline) . The conference proceedings are published by the IEEE Press. Selected papers from the conference will be considered for publication in special issues of one or more major peer-reviewed Journals in this domain.

For electronic submission please follow this link. In any case send a confirmation email to

VENUE: Convitto della Calza, Oltrarno Meeting Centre, Piazza della Calza, Florence, Italy ( ).


Paper submission:
10 April 2005 (extended)
Notification of acceptance:
20 June 2005
Camera ready:
20 July 2005

International Programme Committee: M. Arnold (Fraunhofer-IGD, DE); A. Badii (Univ. Readings, UK); D. Bainbridge (Univ. Waikato, NZ); J. Barthélemy (IRCAM, Fr); P. Bellini (DSI, I); F. Bixio (AFI, I); H. Brandl (Infineon, DE); W. Buhse (CoreMedia, DE); A. Camurri (Univ Genoa, I); D. Carboni (CRS4, I); G. Cesaretti (CPR, I); S.K. Chang (Univ. Pittsburgh, USA); B. Coüasnon (IRISA/INRIA, F); D. Crombie (FNB, NL); R. Dannenberg (CMU, USA); J. Delgado (FUPF, S); U. Dietz (Vodafone, DE); C. Dorai (IBM, USA); I. Fujinaga (McGill Univ., CA); D. Fuschi (ILABS, I); S. George (University of South Australia, AU); M. Girer (LISTESSO Sàrl, F); R. Grimm (Technical Univ. Ilmenau, DE); F. Hartung (Ericsson Research, DE); K. Hirata (NTT, J); P. Hobson (Motorola, UK); P. Kafno (HD Thames/Univ. Nottingham, UK); T. Kalker (HP, USA); A. Karydis (ANALYSIS Systems Research High-Tech S.A., G); D. Keislar (CMJ & Musclefish, USA); P. Kruger (TISCALI, I); E. Lambert (Silver Lining Project, I); A. Lindsay (Univ. Lancaster, UK); S. Llorente (FUPF, S); M.S. López-Lago (Fundacion Albeniz, S); C. Marangoni (HP, I); M. Mattavelli (EPFL, Sw); P. Nesi (DSI, I); K. Ng (ICSRiM, Univ. Leeds, UK); R. van Noetsele (Chello Broadband nv); J. Nuetzel (Technische Univ. Ilmenau, DE); L. Pearce (XIM, UK); M. Russ (BT Exact, UK); M. Schmucker (FHGIGD, DE); P. Stollenmayer (Eurescom GmbH, DE);

pending additional IPC members

Proposed Conference email and WWW site:
Webmaster: Marius Spinu
Contact me for any question or comment.