About the AXMEDIS International Conference Series

The AXMEDIS International Conference series has been established since 2005 by the AXMEDIS project which is supported by the EC IST under the 6th Framework Programme, with support from the project consortium, in collaboration with the WEDELMUSIC International Conference Series and the MUSICNETWORK International Association.

The Conference series is focused on the research, developments and applications in the cross media domain, exploring new and innovative technologies to meet the challenges of the sector. The AXMEDIS conference series also combines the activities of the WEDELMUSIC International conference series (www.wedelmusic.org) together with other related activates with workshops and panels.

The AXMEDIS International Conference series aims to explore all subjects and topics related to cross-media and digital-media content production, processing, management, standards, representation, sharing, protection and rights management, to address the latest developments and future trends of the technologies and their applications, impacts and exploitation. The AXMEDIS events offer venues for exchanging concepts, requirements, prototypes, research ideas, and findings which could contribute to academic research and also benefit business and industrial communities.

1st AXMEDIS International Conference: Florence, Italy, 2005. General Chair: Paolo Nesi
2nd AXMEDIS International Conference: Leeds, UK, 2006. General Chair: Kia Ng