AXMEDIS 2008 Program

The conference program

The programme includes:

  • Opening of the conference
  • Main Scientific International Line: AXMEDIS 2008, IEEE Computer Society pressed proceedings
  • AXMEDIS open workshop for users and future perspectives
  • Workshop DPWF – AAC: Digital Preservation Weaving Factory for Analogue Audio Collections
  • IPTV, WEB TV, Business TV, Social Network: the proposals and the network scenarious, (Le proposte e gli scenari della rete), national event
  • Ideas and projects for the Digital Television, Meeting of the Comunicare Digitale Group, Idee e progetti per la TV Digitale-Riunione Gruppo Comunicare Digitale,
  • Panel: EDCine Project for Digital Cinema and Archives
  • Workshop: EUAIN New Paradigms for Creative Research
  • Workshop: Cultural heritage and Artificial Intelligence.
  • Workshop: 2nd Variazioni, Technologies for Content Enrichment in the Web2.0 era
  • Panel: 2020 3D Media
  • Exposition Area: always active for the whole duration of the conference.



Opening of the conference with

  • Welcome to Italy and to Florence, 2 minutes
  • Short programme presentation, 3 minutes

Social Event at Villa Finaly, 18/11/2008, at 19:00:

  • Concert of Tuscae Gentes: with Daniele Poli (voice and guitar), Anna Granata (Voice), Ugo Galasso (flutes and other ancient folk instruments), Nicola Mitolo (Violin),
  • Social Dinner, by Del Colletto

Main Scientific International Line

Content Analysis (section chair: Nigel Earnshaw, BBC)

  • Melodic Segmentation on Different Musical Genres Michael Rentzsch, Frank Seifert, Christoph Hornfischer, and Antje Schreiber
  • Generic Music Identification by Hierarchic Modeling of Human Perception, Frank Seifert and Michael Rentzsch
  • Automatic Alignment of Music Performances with Scores Aimed at Educational Applications, Nicola Montecchio and Nicola Orio
  • Hearing Images: Interactive Sonification Interface for Images, Charles O’Neill and Kia Ng
  • The Implementation of Chronotonic Similarity within an Applet Ludger Hofmann-Engl

Semantics and Intelligent Content (section Chair: Kia Ng, Univ. Leeds)

  • Intelligent Content Model Based on MPEG-2, Pierfrancesco Bellini, Ivan Bruno, Paolo Nesi, and Michele Spighi
  • FRM: Towards a Semantic Platform for Fair Content Distribution, Slawomir Grzonkowski and Bil McDaniel
  • Content Enrichment for Semi-Automated Production of Added Value Content for Free Press and Web, Stefano Maria Bettega, Fabrizio Fioravanti, Leonardo Gigli, Gianni Grassi, and Marius Bogdan Spinu
  • Improving Information Systems Interoperability and Flexibility Using a Semantic Integration Approach, David Parlanti, Maria C. Pettenati, Paolo Bussotti, and Dino Giuli

Educational and Collaborative Tools (section chair: David Fuschi, Univ. Reading)

  • Collaborative Solution for Music Education, F. Frosini, N. Mitolo, P. Nesi, and M. Paolucci
  • A Learning Oriented Technological Framework for iDTV, Francesco Bellotti, Stefanos Vrochidis, Ioannis Tsampoulatidis, Giancarlo Bo, and Linda Napoletano
  • Experimental Results on Item-Based Algorithms for Independent Domain Collaborative Filtering, Maria Laura Clemente
  • Tracking Conductors Hand Movements Using Multiple Wiimotes, David Bradshaw and Kia Ng

Gaming and Production (section chair: Nigel Earnshaw, BBC)

  • StoryTec: A Digital Storytelling Platform for the Authoring and Experiencing, of Interactive and Non-Linear Stories, Stefan Göbel, Luca Salvatore, and Robert Konrad
  • PlayMancer: A Serious Gaming 3D Environment, Alex Conconi, Todor Ganchev, Otilia Kocsis, George Papadopoulos, Fernando Fernández-Aranda,and Susana Jiménez-Murcia

Archive and Databases (section chair: Carlos Iglesias, GERMINUS)

  • Intelligent Infrastructure for Accessing Sound and Related Multimedia Objects, Ivan Damnjanovic, Chris Landone, Panos Kudumakis, and Josh Reiss
  • Requirements and Approaches for a Content Management Service, Stephan Schneider
  • Managing Score/Orchestra within the IEEE MX Environment, Elisa Russo
  • XML to RDF Conversion: A Generic Approach, Davy Van Deursen, Chris Poppe, Gäetan Martens, Erik Mannens, and Rik Van de Walle

Digital Rights Management (section chair: David Fuschi, Univ. Reading)

  • Experiencing Digital Rights Management in Mobile Environments, Silvia Llorente, Jaime Delgado, Xavier Maroñas, and Rubén Barrio
  • Event Reporting Scenarios and Implementations in Distributed Multimedia Systems, Víctor Torres, Eva Rodríguez, and Jaime Delgado

Content Distribution (section chair: Maurizio Campanai, EXITECH)

  • WIMS 2.0: converging IMS and Web 2.0. Convergent Content Distribution and Publication, David Moro, Diego González, and David Lozano
  • Adaptive Media Replication in Unstructured P2P File Sharing Systems, Based on Geographical Properties and Query Distributions, Stefano Leone Monni
  • New Services for iTVP Content Providers to Manage Live and On-Demand Content Streaming, Miroslaw Czyrnek, Ewa Kusmierek, Cezary Mazurek, and Maciej Stroinski
  • Multipath Local Error Management Technique Over Ad Hoc Networks, Pejman Panahi
  • KISS Considered Harmful in Digitization of Medieval Chant ManuscriptS, Louis W.G. Barton
  • The Real Time Audience System, One Minute or Nothing, Alexandre Crivellaro and Marluci Paes de Almeida

Recommendation (section chair: Victor Torres, Univ. Polit. Catalogna; Michela Paolucci, Univ. Firenze)

  • Evaluating Recommender Systems, Zied Zaier, Robert Godin, and Luc Faucher
  • Ontology-Based Matchmaking Approach for Context-Aware Recommendations,Yannick Naudet, Sabrina Mignon, Lionel Lecaque, Cyril Hazotte, and Valentin Groues
  • An Evaluation Methodology for Collaborative Recommender Systems, Paolo Cremonesi, Roberto Turrin, Eugenio Lentini, and Matteo Matteucci
  • A Standard-Based Approach on the use of Contextual Information for the Adaptation Authorisation, Anna Carreras, Xavier Maroñas, and Jaime Delgado
  • Evaluating the Impact of Architectural Models on Virtual Organizations, Knowledge-Exchange Dynamics, David Parlanti, Maria Chiara Pettenati, Paolo Bussotti, and Dino Giuli

Web Tv, Iptv, Social Network and Business Tv Experiences. A new era for a crossmedia scenario.

Video everywhere! A new scenario is ready to achieve more interest and investment in the multimedia sector. New stars are born: web tv for new contents and platforms; Iptv and the new idea of an evolution of Hd and Vertical Tv; Business Tv to built a community network even for the well known companies itw (brand Tv) and Social Network to be always on everywhere. A concrete meeting to learn more capabilities in a very interesting market.

  • At the round table Organized by Comunicare Digitale, Chair: Andrea Michelozzi:
    • laura Corbetta, Yam112003 - Endemol
    • Daniele Alberti, Glomera
    • Giampaolo Rossi, RAI
    • Andrea Barsotti, Tiscali
    • Andrea Soldani, Yks

Projects & Plans for Digital Tv in Europe. Comunicare Digitale Meeting.
Idee e Progetti per la Tv Digitale. Riunione Gruppo Comunicare Digitale.

Europe are looking for a serious and promptly model for the Dvbt, but is not only a switch over process 'cause involving Dvbh, Hdtv, Iptv and Tv on the Net. How the European government is driving this process? How the Europe consider effective even in South America and United States? Who will guide the process: the Public Television or the Tv Leader in each country? How each country consider this challenge ready to share with the others one? We will describe the situation in Italy, Spain, France and Germany, with a view to Latin America. The meeting will promote a new scenario even for Comunicare Digitale and the members to approach strongly the next opportunities.

Organized by Comunicare Digitale, Chair: Andrea Michelozzi


Sections on industrial papers (section chairs: Maurizio Campanai, EXITECH; Nicola Mitolo, Univ. Firenze)

  • First section
    • Interactive Contents Protection in Digital Terrestrial Television, M. Baldi, G. Cancellieri, E. Gambi, G. Rascioni
    • A Framework for Digital Watermarking Next Generation Media Broadcasts, Dominik Birk, Seán Gaines, Christoph Wegener
  • Second Section
    • dContentWare Project: Combining semantic web and multimedia distribution technologies to realize innovative business models for the provision of digital contents, G. Bux, F. Dentamaro, L. Intonti, M. Ligorio, I. Malatesta, L. Lamacchia
    • Telecare and Telemedicina with DRM support, Tommaso Mirante (Elsag), Paolo Nesi, University of Florence

Poster Section of the scientific and international line (section chairs: Kia Ng, Univ. Leeds; Nicola Mitolo, Univ. Firenze)

  • Elastic Consistency in Decentralized Distributed Virtual Environments, Hermann Schloss, Jean Botev, Markus Esch, Alex Höhfeld, Ingo Scholtes, and Peter Sturm
  • Promotion of Cultural Heritage: Bronzes of Riace in a Cross-Media Approach, Iole Alfano, Pier Augusto Bertacchini, and Eleonora Pantano
  • ESEDA: A Tool for Enhanced Speech Emotion Detection and Analysis, Julia Sidorova and Toni Badia
  • AXMEDIS Programme and Publication Tools for Cross Media Content Multichannel Distribution, Kia Ng, Minh Thang Dang, Bee Ong, Peter Ebinger, Alexander Opel, and Roberta Campo
  • i-Maestro Framework and Interactive Multimedia Tools for Technology-Enhanced Learning and Teaching for Music, Kia Ng and Paolo Nesi
  • ScoreSifter: Software for Analysis of Post-Tonal Music, Using Domain-Based Segmentation, Maurizio Gabrieli
  • Practicing Ontology Modelling for Preservation of Interactive Multimedia Performances, Kia Ng, Alexander Mikroyannidis, Bee Ong, and David Giaretta

PANEL: EDCine Project for Digital Cinema and Archives - Digital Preservation and Access of Film and Digital Cinema Material and new developments in audio reproduction

  • Preservation and Access solutions for Moving Image Archives in the Digital Cinema era, N. Mazzanti, A. Nowak, P. Read
  • Digital Cinema and Object Oriented Sound Reproduction, J. Liebetrau, G. Gatzsche
  • Organised by
    • Arne Nowak (Fraunhofer Institute for Integrated Circuits, Germany)
    • Nicola Mazzanti (Cinémathèque Royale de Belgique, Belgium, FIAF Technical Commission)
    • Judith Liebetrau (Fraunhofer Institute for Media Technology, Germany)

AXMEDIS Open Workshop for users and future perspectives

  • AXMEDIS present and future activities, a formum on which you will have the possibility of presenting to AXMEDIS people what you would like to do with AXMEDIS and what AXMEDIS could do for you.
  • A vision of about future evolutions of the AXMEDIS technologies and tools will be presented together contextualized in the areas of (i) Future Internet, (ii) Internet of the Future, (iii) content and digital heritage, (iv) educational applications, (v) automated production and distribution, (vi) content delivering, (vii) user generated content, (viii) social network, (ix) mobile distribution, etc.

chair and moderator: Paolo Nesi, Univ. Firenze, DSI-DISIT


Workshop DPWF - AAC: Workshop on Digital Preservation Weaving Factory for Analogue Audio Collections. The DPWF workshop is intended for those who are considering or implementing digital preservation programs for analogue audio collections (AACs) in libraries, archives, and other (cultural) institutions. This workshop will provide grounding in the best practices of digital preservation, enabling curators to develop innovative strategies to safeguard their AACs. The goal of this initiative is to show the digital preservation process as a weaving factory composed of consecutive steps: digitisation and restoration, management of digital assets, enabling access and distribution procedures. The workshop, through the analysis of case studies, best practices and prototypes, will demonstrate how the interfaces between consecutive steps can be tailored to achieve effectiveness and efficiency of the whole process. In collabroation with ISTI-CNR (, DELOS (, Università di Milano (, IRTEM (, MARTlab (, Discoteca di Stato ( and Univ of Florence DSI DISIT (

  • DPWF Workshop Organising Commitee:
    • Francesco Carreras (ISTI-CNR - Martlab)
    • Ernesto Damiani (University of Milan)
    • Miltiadis D. Lytras (Univesity of Patras)
    • Maurizio Lunghi (Fondazione Rinascimento Digitale)
    • Paolo Nesi (University of Florence)
    • Dietrich Schüller (Phonogrammarchiv, Austrian Academy of Sciences)
    • Daniel Teruggi (Institut National De L'Audiovisuel - INA
  • Workshop Moderator: prof. F. Carreras (ISTI-CNR)
  • Morning Section
    • “From analogue to digital: the cycle of digital content production from historical audio archives” Alberto Gaetti (MARTlab -Florence)
    • “IASA TC 03 and TC 04: Standards Related to the Long Term Preservation and Digitisation of Sound Recordings” Nadja Wallaszkovits (Phonogrammarchiv -Austrian Academy of Sciences)
    • “Technologies and experiences at INA: from preservation to European Digital Library” Daniel Teruggi (INA)
    • “IRTEM: an audiovisual archive. A 14 year experience in digitalization and handling” Francesco La Camera (IRTEM -Rome)
    • “Experience at the Istituto Centrale per i Beni Sonori e Audiovisivi” Francesco Baldi (Istituto Centrale per i Beni Sonori e Audiovisivi -Rome Sonori e Audiovisivi -Rome)
    • “Audio preservation, digitisation and valorisation: practices, challenges and future perspectives: the case of the Accademia di Santa Cecilia” Lorenzo Sutton (Accademia Nazionale di Santa Cecilia -Rome)
    • “The European initiatives for conservation of audiovisual memories. Safeguarding projects and training.” Gigliola Fioravanti (ANAI -Rome)
  • afternoon section
    • “Digitization of the RAI Logging Radio Archive – An ad-hoc solution” Daniele Airola (RAI – CRIT -Turin)
    • “Assessing long term preservation of audiovisual digital contents with DRAMBORA” Perla Innocenti (HATII -University of Glasgow)
    • “Semi-automatic metadata extraction form shellac and vinyl disc.” Nicola Orio (University of Padova)
    • “Modelling and structuring data for cultural heritage: the Pinakes 3.0 project and the deployment of standards.” Andrea Scotti (IMSS -Florence)
    • “Using Matroska EBML for Right Management” Cesare Bornaghi (University of Milan)
    • “CD-DVD preservation issues” Marco Righi (ISTI-CNR)

Workshop on Cultural heritage and Artificial Intelligence. The need to fulfil a fruitful point of contact between cultural heritage and advanced informatics, become a concrete reality in the last decade through both several discussions and the development of new applications of informatics and artificial intelligence to specialized themes of cultural heritage. This event will provide the opportunity to present and discuss the experience of researchers in managing cultural heritage resources. In particular, the discussion will focus on innovative applications in the preservation and archiving of physical and digital artifacts.

  • Sonification of narrative texts: an experimental study, Roberto Basili
  • Cultural Heritage and the Web: a perspective from Archaeology, Glauco Mantegari
  • 3D digitization: making easier and extending it to color, Roberto Scopigno
  • Intangible heritage mangement and multimodal navigation, Raimondo Schettini
  • FIRSt: a Content-based Recommender System Integrating Tags for Cultural Heritage Personalization, Giovanni Semeraro
  • 2nd Variazioni Workshop. Technologies for Content Enrichment in the Web2.0 era. share practical experiences in content enrichment in critical masses of digital objects discuss approaches for content enrichment from the analyst point of view and from the end user point of view show results of projects which demonstrate the benefits of content enrichment and lessons learnt
    • The CACAO project: a multilingual interface to Library Catalogues, Alessio Bosca, Claude Roux
    • Content Enrichment in the GAMA Project, A. Lüdtke, B. Gottfried, O. Herzog, G. Ioannidisy, M. Leszczukz, and V. Šimko
    • Metadata and Licence Model for Music Resources in VARIAZIONI, Dr. Markus Eisenhauer, Stefan Apelt
    • Applying Semantic Web Technologies for Enriching Master Classes, C. A. Iglesias, V. Torres, F. Spadoni
    • Semantics and Ontologies for Multimedia Objects Representation and Metadata Management, F. Scharffe, M. Luger, Y. Raimond, I. Damnjanovic, and J. Reiss
    • What is MILE?, A. de Polo
  • Organising Commitee:

Workshop EUAIN: New Paradigms for Creative Research (chair: David Crombie)

  • Outcomes from the EUAIN Network: improving access to books, A. Bergman-Tahon, D. Crombie
  • The ProAccess project: Improving Accessibility of Educational Content, M. Loi and C. Li Calzi
  • Gutenberg 2.0: Towards Adaptive Publishing Environments, M. Loi, D. Crombie, G. Ioannidis and R. Ruemer
  • uWEAR: Wearable computing for you, R. van der Heul, H. Verweij and R. van Tol

Panel: 2020 3D Media, on User Intimate Requirement Hierarchy Resolution for Work-flow Design and Implementation in (Post)-Production & Distribution (panel chairs: Atta Badii and David Fuschi)

  • User-Intimate Requirements Hierarchy Resolution Framework (UI-REF) in Work-flow Design for 3D Media Production & Distribution, Atta Badii, David Luigi Fuschi

Exposition Area (resp: Pierfrancesco Bellini, Ivan Bruno, Nicola Mitolo)

  • Area in which some of the industry involved into the Conference organisation will be present to show their solution and innovations
    • AXMEDIS content processing tools, the Visual Designer for content processing
    • AXMEDIS and integration with STB
    • AXMEDIS XMF the cross media finder, social network for multichannel content distribution HTTP:// for PC, mobile and PDA
    • Distribution of protected DVD/CD via AXMEDIS tools and P2P
    • Adoption of AXMEDIS for Cultural Heritage content packaging and delivering.
    • etc.