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This event has been organised to give the possibility for industries, content providers, integrators, distributors, and cultural institutions of attending a workshop in which a presentation of AXMEDIS infrastructure and tools are presented, and experts are ready to discuss with the attendees their needs and requirements.

The AXMEDIS Framework is an open solution to:

  • reduce costs and increase efficiency for content production, protection, management and distribution.
  • support the whole value chain, including composition, adaptation, licensing, packaging, integration, aggregation, synchronisation, formatting, adaptation, transcoding, indexing, and much more;
  • allow the convergence of the media and interoperability of content enabling multi-channel distributions.
  • adopt new methods and tools for innovative, flexible and interoperable Digital Rights Management (DRM) in order to facilitate smooth transition from paper contracts to digital licenses.
  • harmonise B2B and B2C areas for DRM, bringing the DRM model in the B2B area, supporting production and protection models in the whole value chain.

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