Video on Demand (VOD) Distribution to Set Top Box (STB)

TEO adopted the AXMEDIS technology for IPTV platform.  This showcase demonstrates broadband operator’s distribution of video on demand (VOD) content to trial IPTV service subscribers.  IPTV service subscribers can view digital video material on their TV through an AXMEDIS compliant Set Top Box (STB).

The showcase consists of two different aspects, the view of:


For End Users

To view the AXMEDIS content:

  1. Subscribe to TEO IPTV service Gala TV (available with limitations in Lithuania only).
  2. Be included in the AXMEDIS test user group.
  3. Have an AXMEDIS compliant STB Motorola 1720 (provided by the service provider).

Alternatively, the demonstrator is also available for public access.

Steps to be taken to view the content:

  • Go to Gala TV main menu
  • Select AXMEDIS button
Gala TV main menu

  • Browse the content available
  • Select desired content for viewing
  • If prompted for payment, acquire the content selected (you may be billed with your monthly subscriber bill as part of value added services)
  • Play, skip, pause, stop, the video on your TV (for free content with embedded advertisements (ads) you will not be able to skip the ads)
  • View your content viewing history and payment information by pressing "Usage Information" or "Billing Information" in Axmedis menu
Axmedis menu
Usage information


For (broadband) service providers

Although technologies for IPTV video on demand content delivery and protection are advanced and available today, the focus of the AXMEDIS solution is on showing the automatic nature of the value chain relationship between video on demand content producer/wholesale distributor to IPTV service provider for end users.

In this demo of B2B automatic content production and distribution for IPTV, content producer VRS  Grupe ( produced and made available some trial video content for TEO IPTV service.

VRS takes the following steps to produce content for streaming to the AXMEDIS compliant STB:

  1. Using AXCP and MPEG TS Adaptation Plugin produces AxObjects for TEO
  2. Sets usage rights and conditions, defines metadata
  3. Places the AXMEDIS objects into P2P network (AXEPTOOL)

TEO VOD content manager manages AXMEDIS content and makes it available for its IPTV service trial subscribers:

  • TEO VOD Manager automatically or manually downloads videos from P2P
  • Manages users and content on TEO Content & User Management Portal
Content & User Management Portal
  • Generates reporting about usage information, billing, etc.
Object usage report


For more information on B2B aspects of digital content distribution for IPTV and other platforms, please refer to

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