Mobile Player

Download and install AXMEDIS Mobile Player v1.6 for Java Mobiles, JAD

AXMEDIS mobile player allow to play interactive content, menus, audio and video, images, etc. It supports DRM, CAS, RTSP, video streaming, MPEG-21 REL, licensing, business model, pay per view, pay per play.

If you are interested in creating your content, please go on XMediaFinder, XMF, to get and share your content for your mobile and/or to upload your own user generated content for your mobile via the XMF. You can access to the XMF via PC, PDA and mobile by using

Download ZIP with JAD and JAR, manual, flyer of AXMEDIS Mobile Player for Java Mobiles.

Download the Certificate to be authorized in entering into the AXMEDIS DRM model for this AXMEDIS mobile players

You can get the PDA version for your Windows mobile 5, 6, 6.1, etc. HERE

The following demos are accessible automatically when installed the player.

Click here to download the full set of demos, version 1.3.

Full Package in distribution can be taken here.

The AXMEDIS mobile player works with AXMEDIS content, MPEG-21 object with SMIL for the interactive aspects.