AXMEDIS PDA Player and Media Organizer

This new version of the AXMEDIS PDA player also includes the AXObjectFinder, a media content organizer for your PDA: see your content as icon, selecet them, order them, player them, search and query them, organise in a taxonomy, etc...see also Http://

Download and install AXMEDIS PDA Player CAB for Windows Mobile phones/pda, about 6Mbytes

Download a ZIP file with the above AXMEDIS PDA player CAB + Content for your Player, 69Mbytes

AXMEDIS PDA mobile player allows to play interactive content, menus, audio and video, images, etc. It supports DRM, CAS, RTSP, video streaming, MPEG-21 REL, licensing, business model, pay per view, pay per play. The AXMEDIS PDA player works with AXMEDIS content, MPEG-21 object with HTML, SMIL for the interactive aspects and also with images, video.

It supports with respect to the march 2009 version:
-- kiosk modality to block the full screen
-- full screen on video and SMIL, and HTML, the full screen can be forced by pressing the central button of your device at bottom, pressing again it get out of the full screen status.
-- autorotation and rotation of screen on video play
-- rotation can be forced manually even by using the left arrow of the move
-- video play, stop and pause and cursor for monitoring the time
-- high res and low res on HTC and other devices. this is autosense. So that if you have a high res device it goes in hi res, not all the content are for hi-res or capable to be played on all resolutions....
-- to play PDF files wrapped into MPEG-21 containers they are played into the accessible PDF player of the PDA if any.
-- to detect the presence of updates of this program and ask you if you like to perform tjhe download of the new version of the tools.

To automatically produce your content and get content of your friends, please go on XMediaFinder, XMF, to get other content for your mobile and/or to upload your own user generated content for your mobile via the XMF. You can access to the XMF via PC, PDA and mobile by using ,
You can do the same on Mobile Medicine Portal Http://

You can mark there yuor favourite content and getting in connection with other users..

Follow this link: to get the AXMEDIS player for mobile java based such as Nokia, Sony Ericsson etc.