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The reported files can be downloaded in faster manner from the AXMEDIS P2P network by installing the AXMEDIS P2P tool and clicking on the icon reported on the "P2P Dwn" column.

file P2P Dwn n(*) date [asc] uploaded by
axmedis-de2-1-1b-use-cases-v1-6-public.pdf 5268 Apr. 12, 2005 paolo
Use Cases V1-6
axmedis-de2-1-1a-user-requirements-v1-2-public.pdf 21005 Jul. 18, 2005 paolo
AXMEDIS Requirements V1.2,
axmedis-dmp-mpeg21-analysis-v1-7-public.doc 3703 Jul. 18, 2005 paolo
AXMEDIS - DMP - MPEG21 analysis, ver 1.7
axmedis-annual-public-report-2005-v1-1.pdf 2357 Nov. 10, 2005 paolo
annual public report 2005 PDF
axmedis-de2-1-1-2-1-user-requirements-firs-update-v2-5.pdf 13923 Feb. 14, 2006 paolo
axmedis requirements revised version
axmedis-de5-1-2-1-axmedis-for-all-v2-7.pdf 3967 Feb. 22, 2006 paolo
AXMEDIS-DE5-1-2-1-AXMEDIS Framework for all v2-7, Description of AXMEDIS Framework and potential applications, final version in PDF
axmedis-de2-1-1-2-2-use-cases-and-scenarios-first-update-v3-0-consolidated-public.pdf 3948 Mar. 23, 2006 paolo
AXMEDIS-DE2-1-1-2-2-Use-Cases-and-Scenarios-First-Update-V3-0-consolidated-public.pdf, final version, public
axmedis-de9-1-2-mockup-for-cms-integration-and-feedback-v-1-1.pdf 3065 Apr. 19, 2006 paolo
axmedis-de9-5-2-content-production-distribution-formobile-v1-0.pdf 3212 Apr. 19, 2006 paolo
axmedis-de9-6-2-content-production-distribution-for-kiosks-v1-0.pdf 3139 Apr. 19, 2006 paolo
axmedis-de9-2-2-mockup-of-autom-cont-prod-and-form-into-cms-v1-0.pdf 3198 Apr. 26, 2006 paolo
AXMEDIS-DE9-2-2-Mockup-of-Autom-Cont-Prod-and-Form-into-CMS-v1-0.pdf, prototype of content production and procesing with AXMEDIS tools in connection with other factories models and databases
axmedis-de9-3-2-mockup-content-distribution-via-satellite-data-broadcast-v1-0.pdf 3067 Apr. 26, 2006 paolo
axmedis-de9-4-2-mockup-content-distribution-via-internet-v1-0.pdf 3028 Apr. 28, 2006 paolo
axmedis-de2-2-1-2-test-cases-and-content-description-first-update-v2-3.pdf 3742 Jun. 5, 2006 paolo
AXMEDIS-DE2-2-1-2 Test cases and content description first Update v2-3
axmedis-de9-5-1-spec-of-content-prod-and-distrib-on-demand-for-mobile-pda-v1-2-draft.pdf 3012 Jul. 6, 2006 paolo
axmedis-de5-1-3-1-framework-guidelines-v2-0.pdf 3667 Jul. 31, 2006 paolo
axmedis-de5-1-3-1-framework-guidelines-v2-2.pdf 4149 Aug. 10, 2006 paolo
axmedis-de9-1-3-first-prototype-for-cms-integration-and-feedback-v-1-2.pdf 3203 Aug. 30, 2006 paolo
AXMEDIS DE9-1-3 First Prototype for CMS (content management systems) Integration and Feedback v-1-2 in pdf format
axmedis-de9-3-3-first-prot-content-distribution-via-satellite-data-broadcast-v1-2.pdf 2997 Sep. 11, 2006 paolo
axmedis-de9-3-3-first-prototype on content distribution via satellite data broadcast v1-2.pdf
axmedis-de4-8-1-2-content-distribution-via-satellite-data-broadcast-1st-upd-v1-1.pdf 4754 Sep. 11, 2006 paolo
axmedis-de4-8-1-2-content distribution via-satellite data broadcast 1st update v1-1.pdf
de9-6-3-first-proto-of-cont-prod-and-dist-via-kiosks-on-pda-v1-1.pdf 2903 Sep. 11, 2006 paolo
DE9-6-3-First-Prototype of content production and distribution via kiosks and on PDA v1-1.pdf
de9-5-3-first-proto-of-cont-prod-and-dist-on-demand-for-mobile-v1-1.pdf 3011 Sep. 11, 2006 paolo
DE9-5-3 First Prototype of content production and distribution on demand for Mobile systems v1-1.pdf
axmedis-de4-1-1-2-content-modeling-and-managing-1st-upd-v1-6.pdf 5417 Sep. 11, 2006 paolo
axmedis-de4-1-1-2 content modeling and managing 1st-update v1-6.pdf
axmedis-de9-4-3-first-prototype-of-content-production-and-distribution-on-demand-for-pc-v-2-1.pdf 3105 Sep. 12, 2006 paolo
axmedis-de9-4-3-first prototype of content production and distribution on demand for pc v2-1 pdf
axmedis-de9-2-3-first-proto-of-autom-cont-prod-and-form-into-cms-v1-1.pdf 3068 Sep. 14, 2006 paolo
AXMEDIS-DE9-2-3-First prototype of Automatic Content Production and Formatting into third party CMS v1-1.pdf
axmedis-publishable-results-m13-25-v1-0.pdf 2387 Oct. 5, 2006 paolo
axmedis-annual-public-report-2006-v1-3.pdf 3728 Oct. 9, 2006 paolo
AXMEDIS Annual public report 2006 v1-3.pdf
axmedis-fact-sheet-logos-2006-v2-4.pdf 3207 Oct. 9, 2006 paolo
interactivecontentreport2006.pdf 7763 Jan. 29, 2007 f.bixio
interactive content and convergence. Implication for Information Society. A study for the European Commission
axmedis-de9-2-4-integrated-proto-of-autom-cont-prod-and-form-into-cms-v1-5.pdf 4240 Apr. 16, 2007 paolo
axmedis-de9-2-4-integrated-prototype of automed content production and formating into cms v1-5.pdf, final version
axmedis-de9-5-4-integrated-proto-of-cont-prod-and-dist-on-demand-for-mobile-and-pdas-v2-4.pdf 6883 Apr. 16, 2007 paolo
AXMEDIS-DE9-5-4-Integrated-proto-of-cont-prod-and-dist-on-demand-for-mobile-and-PDAs-v2-4.pdf, final closed version
axmedis-de9-6-4-integrated-proto-of-cont-prod-and-dist-via-kiosks-on-pda-v2-3.pdf 9002 Apr. 16, 2007 paolo
AXMEDIS-DE9-6-4-Integrated-proto-of-cont-prod-and-dist-via-kiosks-on-pda-v2-3.pdf, final closed version
axmedis-de9-3-4-integrated-prot-content-distribution-via-satellite-data-broadcast-v1-5.pdf 3706 Apr. 17, 2007 paolo
axmedis-de9-4-4-integrated-prototype-of-content-production-and-distribution-on-demand-for-pc-v1-0.pdf 3825 Apr. 18, 2007 paolo
axmedis-de9-4-4-integrated-prototype-of-content-production-and-distribution-on-demand-for-pc-v1-0.pdf, final version
w8632-mpeg-smr-part-23-rev-public.pdf P2P Dwn 6068 May. 2, 2007 paolo
w8632-MPEG-SMR-part-23-rev-public.pdf, MPEG SMR standard FCD version public
axmedis-de12-1-2-1-4home-usecase-and-reqs-analysis-v1-0.pdf P2P Dwn 5084 May. 7, 2007 paolo
AXMEDIS-DE12-1-2-1-4HOME-UseCase-and-Reqs-Analysis-v1-0.pdf, requirements and use cases of the 4home take up, demonstrators of BBC, TI, SDAE, including domains, axmedis for brodcasting, and OMA integration and distribution
axmedis-de12-2-2-1-elteo-requirements-v2-8.pdf P2P Dwn 6646 May. 7, 2007 paolo
AXMEDIS-DE12-2-2-1-ELTEO-Requirements-v2-8.pdf, requirements and use cases of the demonstrator of the content distribution for DVB-T to STB of Telecom Lituania, and content distribution of Telecom Estonia
axmedis-de12-2-3-1-ax-elteo-spec-v2-0.pdf P2P Dwn 6711 Jun. 13, 2007 paolo
axmedis-de12-2-3-1-ax-elteo-spec-v2-0.pdf, AXMEDIS ELTEO Specification final version as delivered to the EC, contains Video on demand, STB, IPTV solutions based on AXMEDIS technology
axmedis-de5-1-2-2-axmedis-for-all-update-v4-0-pub.pdf P2P Dwn 5415 Jun. 18, 2007 paolo
AXMEDIS-DE5-1-2-2-AXMEDIS-for-all-update-v4-0-pub.pdf, a large overview of all the AXMEDIS tools and demonstrators, trial, etc., for all interested
axmedis-de12-1-3-1-spec-of-ax4home-architecture-v1-0.pdf P2P Dwn 7205 Jul. 16, 2007 paolo
AXMEDIS-DE12-1-3-1-Spec-of-AX4HOME-Architecture-v1-0.pdf: Domain, Ontology, DVB-T, OMA integration with MPEG-21
axmedis-de5-0-1-2-annex-2-axeptool-axmedia-axtrack-user-manuals-v-1-4.pdf P2P Dwn 4700 Jul. 16, 2007 paolo
AXMEDIS-DE5-0-1-2-Annex-2-AXEPTOOL-AXMEDIA-AXTRACK-User-Manuals-v-1-4.pdf, P2P tools user manuals
axmedis-de3-1-2-3-14-spec-of-protection-support-updated-v0-3.pdf P2P Dwn 4422 Jul. 16, 2007 paolo
axmedis-de3-1-2-3-9-spec-of-ax-database-and-query-support-v1-5.pdf P2P Dwn 4775 Jul. 16, 2007 paolo
axmedis-de3-1-2-3-12-spec-of-ax-workflow-tools-update-v1-0.pdf P2P Dwn 5182 Jul. 16, 2007 paolo
axmedis-vs-competitors-v1-6.pdf P2P Dwn 7756 Aug. 28, 2007 paolo
AXMEDIS vs the state of the art and competitors, version 1.6, august 2007
axmedis-de4-5-1-3-content-protection-and-supervision-v1-0.pdf P2P Dwn 9313 Sep. 17, 2007 paolo
axmedis-de4-4-1-3-content-sharing-and-production-on-p2p-v1-1.pdf P2P Dwn 5341 Sep. 21, 2007 paolo
axmedis-de8-5-1-2-editorial-formats-and-drm-rules-for-multichannel-first-update-v1-0.pdf P2P Dwn 4738 Sep. 24, 2007 paolo
AXMEDIS-DE8-5-1-2-Editorial-Formats-and-DRM-rules-for-Multichannel-first-update-v1-0.pdf without examples
axmedis-de4-3-1-3-content-composition-and-formatting-v1-2.pdf P2P Dwn 6167 Sep. 26, 2007 paolo
axmedis-de4-8-1-3-content-distribution-via-satellite-data-broadcast-v1-0.pdf P2P Dwn 6711 Sep. 26, 2007 paolo
axmedis-de4-2-1-3-content-indexing-monitoring-and-querying-v1-0.pdf P2P Dwn 4793 Oct. 1, 2007 paolo
axmedis-de3-1-2-3-2-spec-of-axmedis-command-manager-v3-1.pdf P2P Dwn 4262 Oct. 1, 2007 paolo
axmedis-de4-6-1-3-content-distribution-via-internet-final-version-v1-8.pdf P2P Dwn 6055 Oct. 2, 2007 paolo
axmedis-de4-6-1-3-content-distribution-via-internet-final-version-v1-8b.pdf P2P Dwn 6492 Oct. 2, 2007 paolo
axmedis-de4-1-1-3-content-modeling-and-managing-v1-1.pdf P2P Dwn 5173 Oct. 2, 2007 paolo
axmedis-de4-7-1-3-content-distribution-toward-mobiles-v1-0.pdf P2P Dwn 4829 Oct. 3, 2007 paolo
axmedis-publishable-executive-summary-period-activity-report-m25-36-v1-0.pdf P2P Dwn 4310 Oct. 4, 2007 paolo
axmedis-publishable-results-m25-36-v1-0.pdf P2P Dwn 4674 Oct. 4, 2007 paolo
axmedis-tech-note-n4001-axp2p-white-paper-v1-7.pdf 3118 Oct. 26, 2007 paolo
AXMEDIS-tech-note-n4001-AXP2P-white-paper-v1-7.pdf, technical note on AXMEDIS P2P network, functionalities and customisations
axmedis-tech-note-n4501-axdrm-white-paper-v1-7.pdf P2P Dwn 4738 Nov. 5, 2007 paolo
axmedis-annual-public-report-2007-v1-3.pdf 2198 Nov. 13, 2007 paolo
axmedis-tech-note-n3903-axcp-white-paper-v2-8.pdf P2P Dwn 4889 Nov. 14, 2007 paolo
AXMEDIS-tech-note-n3903-AXCP-white-paper-v2-8.pdf, technical note on AXMEDIS Content Processing platform, november 2007
axmedis-tech-note-n5101-axmodel-white-paper-v1-7.pdf P2P Dwn 4226 Nov. 22, 2007 paolo
AXMEDIS-tech-note-n5101-AXMODEL-white-paper-v1-7.pdf, technical note on AXMedis CROSS MEDIA AND MULTIMEDIA CONTENT MODEL and TOOL, players, MPEG-21 player and authoring toolsm, PC, PDA, Mobile, STB/PVR, IPTV, etc.
axmedis-tech-note-n5101-axmodel-white-paper-it-v1-7.pdf P2P Dwn 5150 Dec. 31, 2007 paolo
axmedis-tech-note-n5101-axmodel-white-paper-IT-v1-7.pdf, nota tecnica in Italiano, Italian version of the Technical Note, Il modello AXMEDIS per i contenuti cross mediali e multimediali, audiovisuali, strumenti per il play, authoring tools, editor
axmedis-tech-note-n4001-axp2p-white-paper-it-v1-7.pdf 4082 Dec. 31, 2007 paolo
axmedis-tech-note-n4001-axp2p-white-paper-IT-v1-7.pdf, Technical Note in Italian, Nota tecnica in Italiano, Soluzione AXMEDIS per il P2P, distribuzione e share dei contenuti digitali, B2B e B2C
axmedis-tecn-note-n4510-e-commerce-and-axdrm-white-paper-v1-3.pdf P2P Dwn 5154 Jan. 7, 2008 paolo
AXMEDIS-tecn-note-n4510-E-Commerce-and-AXDRM-white-paper-v1-3.pdf, how to integrate the AXMEDIS DRM into an e-commerce portal and content distribution solution on demand and subscription, in Italian, come integrare l'AXMEDIS DRM in un portale di e-commerce per la distribuzione di contenuti digitali on demand e con sottoscrizione, abbonamento
axmedis-tn-n4510-e-commerce-and-axdrm-white-paper-v1-3.pdf P2P Dwn 4134 Jan. 16, 2008 paolo
AXMEDIS-tn-n4510-E-Commerce-and-AXDRM-white-paper-v1-3.pdf How to integrate the AXMEDIS DRM into an e-commerce portal and content distribution solution for cotnent on demand and subscription,
axmedis-tech-note-n6001-teo-iptv-vod-v1-2.pdf 10946 Jan. 16, 2008 paolo
AXMEDIS-tech-note-n6001-TEO-IPTV-VOD-V1-2.pdf, technical note on the TEO IPTV AXMEDIS trial and solution, how to exploit AXMEDIS framework to create an IPTV with DRM and automated production, and connection with P2P
axmedis-tech-note-n6501-elion-content-on-demand-v1-0.pdf P2P Dwn 7775 Jan. 20, 2008 paolo
AXMEDIS-tech-note-n6501-ELION-content-on-demand.pdf, technical note on the ELION AXMEDIS content on demand trial and solution, how to exploit AXMEDIS framework to create an cross media content distribution with DRM and automated production, and connection with P2P
axmedis-tech-note-n6401-eutelsat-opensky-satellitedatabroadcast-white-paper-v1-1.pdf P2P Dwn 6296 Feb. 19, 2008 paolo
AXMEDIS-tech-note-n6401-SatelliteDataBroadcast-white-paper-v1-1.pdf, AXMEDIS Show Case, AXMEDIS Mpeg-21 Content distribution via datellite dta broadcast, EUTELSAT OPENSKY
axmedis-tech-note-n5101-axmodel-white-paper-v1-9.pdf P2P Dwn 4100 Mar. 7, 2008 paolo
AXMEDIS-tech-note-n5101-AXMODEL-white-paper-v1-9.pdf, axmedis content model and players, PC, PDA, mobile, STB, etc., for MPEG-21 with SMIl HTML, images, audio, documents, videos, animations, etc.
axmedis-tn-n4510-e-commerce-and-axdrm-white-paper-v1-5.pdf P2P Dwn 3931 Mar. 21, 2008 paolo
axmedis-commenti-sul-mercato-dei-stb-e-drm-v1-0.pdf P2P Dwn 4139 Apr. 15, 2008 paolo
AXMEDIS-Commenti-sul-mercato-dei STB-e-DRM-v1-0.pdf
axmedis-de5-1-2-3-axmedis-for-all-update-v4-5.pdf P2P Dwn 5930 Apr. 22, 2008 paolo
AXMEDIS-DE5-1-2-3-AXMEDIS-for-all-update-v4-5.pdf, AXMEDIS for all, an overview of the AXMEDIS technology and solutions, version of the 2008
axmedis-de12-2-4-1-elteo-components-integration-proto-and-doc-v1-0.pdf P2P Dwn 4203 Apr. 23, 2008 paolo
AXMEDIS-DE12-2-4-1-ELTEO-Components-Integration-Proto-and-Doc-v9.doc, Content distribution for AXMEDIS ELTEO, vod, video on demand, STB, MPEG-21 DRM, final
axmedis-de12-2-4-2-elteo-content-modeling-and-production-v1-0.pdf P2P Dwn 4561 Apr. 23, 2008 paolo
AXMEDIS-DE12-2-4-2-ELTEO-Content-Modeling-and-Production-v1-0.pdf, Content modeling and production in autoamted manner for Video on demand of TEO and for content distribution of ELION
axmedis-de12-2-5-1-elteo-demonstrator-set-up-v1-0.pdf P2P Dwn 4688 Apr. 23, 2008 paolo
AXMEDIS-DE12-2-5-1-ELTEO-Demonstrator-set-up-v1-0.pdf, set up of the VOD and content distribution towards PC and STB of Kreatel, including technical notes of TEO and ELION show cases.
axmedis-de12-1-4-1-4home-component-integration-proto-and-doc-v1-0.pdf P2P Dwn 4199 Apr. 23, 2008 paolo
AXMEDIS-DE12-1-4-1-4HOME-Component-Integration-Proto-and-Doc-v1-0.pdf, report for BBC demonstrators and TI demonstrator, MPEG-21 DRM, protection and packing on demand,
axmedis-de5-0-1-3-axmedis-user-manuals-v1-0.pdf P2P Dwn 3823 Apr. 23, 2008 paolo
axmedis-de5-0-1-3-axmedis-user-manuals-v1-0.pdf, AXMEDIS tools user manuals, integrated
axmedis-de5-2-2-3-framework-validation-and-integration-report-third-update-v1-0.pdf P2P Dwn 4614 Apr. 28, 2008 paolo
axmedis-de12-1-5-1-4home-demonstrator-setup-v1-0.pdf P2P Dwn 4634 Apr. 28, 2008 paolo
AXMEDIS-DE12-1-5-1-4HOME-Demonstrator-Setup-v1-0.pdf, content construction o nthe user side, DRM, DVB-T recording, production on demand, BBC demonstrator, Telecom Italia Demonstrator, P2P, mobile, PC.
axmedis-editor-user-manual-v0-8.pdf 5236 Apr. 30, 2008 d.berti
AXMEDIS Editor User Manual v. 0.8 - pdf public
axmedis-script-language-user-manual-v0-1.pdf 7672 Apr. 30, 2008 d.berti
AXMEDIS Script Language User Manual v. 0.1 - Public, pdf
axmedis_pc_player_manual_v_0_5.pdf P2P Dwn 5740 Apr. 30, 2008 d.berti
AXMEDIS PC Player Manual v. 0.5 - pdf, public
axmedis_active_x_manual_v_0_5.pdf 5027 Apr. 30, 2008 d.berti
AXMEDIS AXMEDIS ActiveX Player user manual v. 0.5 User Manual - pdf, public
axmedis_skin_player_manual_v_0_4_1.pdf P2P Dwn 6955 Apr. 30, 2008 d.berti
AXMEDIS PC Skin Player v. 0.41
axmedis_pda_player_manual_v_0_4_1.pdf P2P Dwn 6144 Apr. 30, 2008 d.berti
AXMEDIS PDA Player user Manual v. 0.41, pdf - public
axmedis_mobile_manual_v0-4-1.pdf P2P Dwn 6564 Apr. 30, 2008 d.berti
AXMEDIS Player Mobile user Manual v. 0.41
axmedis_p2p_manual_v_0_4_2.pdf 2940 May. 2, 2008 n.mitolo
AXMEDIS P2P user manual v0.4.2 (PDF)
axmedis-tech-note-n6201-kiosk-distribution-pda-mobiles-v1-1.pdf P2P Dwn 7473 May. 7, 2008 d.berti
Technical Note 6201: Kiosk Distribution towards PDA (ILABS)- .pdf version
axmedis-tech-note-n6601-mobile-distribution-v1-2.pdf 5231 May. 7, 2008 d.berti
Technical Note 6601: AXMEDIS Mobile Distribution (ILABS)- v1.2 .pdf
axmedis-drm-for-dummies-1-0.pdf P2P Dwn 5867 May. 7, 2008 paolo
AXMEDIS-DRM-for-DUMMIES-1-0.pdf, simple tutorial on how to use the AXMEDIS DRM, MPEG-21 DRM for beginneers
axmedis-tech-note-n6301-bbc-content-on-demand-v1-0.pdf 6052 May. 20, 2008 paolo
AXMEDIS-tech-note-n6301-BBC-Content-on-Demand-V1-0.pdf, BBC technical note on AX4HOME, DVB-T recording and intelligent cross media content production on the final user side,
axmedis-overview-e-drm-maggio-v1-0.pdf P2P Dwn 5489 May. 23, 2008 paolo
AXMEDIS-overview-e-DRM-maggio-v1-0.pdf, uno sunto sullo stato di AXMEDIS e i suoi maggiori strumenti in ambito DRM per la distribuzione multicanale
axmedis-tech-note-n6901-content-on-demand-b2c-n-p2p-tiscali-v1-2.pdf P2P Dwn 5553 Jun. 12, 2008 paolo
AXMEDIS-tech-note-n6901-Content-on-Demand-B2C-n-P2P-Tiscali-v1-2.pdf, video on demand, via media club TISCALI, direct distribution or via P2P
axmedis-tech-note-n3903-axcp-white-paper-v2-9.pdf P2P Dwn 4102 Jun. 26, 2008 paolo
AXMEDIS-tech-note-n3903-AXCP-white-paper-v2-9.pdf, technical note on AXMEDIS automated c ontent processing, management, production, and repurposing, manaing more than 200 formats, video, audio, images, document, SMIL, HTML, MPEG-4, MPEG-21, XML, MXF, NewML, etc...
axmedis-tech-note-n4501-axdrm-white-paper-v1-8.pdf P2P Dwn 3948 Jun. 26, 2008 paolo
AXMEDIS-tech-note-n4501-AXDRM-white-paper-v1-8.pdf, AXMEDIS DRM, MPEG-21 DRM, REL, protection for cross media, multimedia, singles files, for more than 200 formats, players for PC, STB, PDA, mobiles, PVR, P2P, etc.
axmedis-tech-note-n5101-axmodel-white-paper-v2-1.pdf P2P Dwn 4010 Jun. 26, 2008 paolo
AXMEDIS-tech-note-n5101-AXMODEL-white-paper-v2-1.pdf, AXMEDIS model MPEG-21 cross media, multimedia, singles files, for more than 200 formats, players for PC, STB, PDA, mobiles, PVR, P2P, etc., wrapper, any content , any file, any metadata, any XML, etc.. ANY into AXMEDIS container.
axmedis-tech-note-n4001-axp2p-white-paper-v1-8.pdf P2P Dwn 4014 Jun. 26, 2008 paolo
AXMEDIS-tech-note-n4001-AXP2P-white-paper-v1-8.pdf, AXMEDIS P2P, a secure and reliable P2P for B2B content sharing, with support for controlling nad monitoring the sharing, with support for performance analysis, with support for DRM. How to set up a P2P for B2B and/or for consumer file sharing with IPR respect and DRM
axmedis-tech-note-n6701-automated-multichannel-for-pc-mobiles-telecom-italia-v1-1.pdf P2P Dwn 7306 Jul. 2, 2008 paolo
AXMEDIS-tech-note-n6701-Automated-Multichannel-for-PC-Mobiles-Telecom-Italia-v1-1.pdf, MPEG-21 and OMA content back office automated management with AXMEDIS for mobile distribution, Telecom Italia Demonstrator
axmedis-tech-note-n6801-cultural-heritage-modeling-and-distribution-ansc-v1-0.pdf P2P Dwn 4852 Jul. 3, 2008 paolo
AXMEDIS-Tech-note-n6801-Cultural-Heritage-modeling-and-Distribution-ANSC-v1-0.pdf, AXMEDIS MPEG-21 for cultural heritage production and distribution, for PDA, PC and java mobiles. with and without DRM
axmedis-drm-for-dummies-v1-2.pdf 3683 Jul. 7, 2008 paolo
AXMEDIS-DRM-for-DUMMIES-v1-2.pdf, a simple step by step document to help you as distributor to understand the usage of the AXMEDIS DRM for both B2B and B2C usage, also interesting for User generated content with IPR protection via DRM
axmedis-de8-1-1-4-content-4-validation-and-demonstration-v3-5.pdf 2698 Jul. 7, 2008 paolo
axmedis-de8-1-1-4-content-4-validation-and-demonstration-v3-5.pdf, description of content for validation and test
axmedis-tech-note-n3903-axcp-white-paper-v3-0.pdf P2P Dwn 4183 Jul. 14, 2008 paolo
technical note on AXMEDIS automated c ontent processing, management, production, and repurposing, manaing more than 400 formats, video, audio, images, document, SMIL, HTML, MPEG-4, MPEG-21, XML, MXF, NewML, etc...; adaptation, database access, content management, ingestion, transcoding, formatting, repurposing, grid, licensing, migration, packaging, etc.
axmedis-tech-note-n4501-axdrm-white-paper-v2-0.pdf 2624 Jul. 14, 2008 paolo
AXMEDIS DRM, a technical report, how AXMEDIS DRM is made and how it can be used for multichannel distribution and which are the major strenght and differences with respect to other DRMs
axmedis-tech-note-n5101-axmodel-white-paper-v2-2.pdf P2P Dwn 3928 Jul. 17, 2008 paolo
AXMEDIS-tech-note-n5101-AXMODEL-white-paper-v2-2.pdf, AXMEDIS content model for content packaging or description of any essence or file, suitable for distribution via download, streamingm progressive, etc.
axmedis-tn-n7001-crossmediafinder-white-paper-v1-3.pdf 2501 Jul. 20, 2008 paolo
AXMEDIS Cross Media Finder Show Case Technical Note, N.7001, how to setup a portal for AXMEDIS cross media content distribution, social networking, intelligent content, MPEG-21 WEB player, progressive download, animated icons, direct play
axmedis-tech-note-n5101-axmodel-white-paper-v2-3.pdf 2304 Jul. 20, 2008 paolo
AXMEDIS-tech-note-n5101-AXMODEL-white-paper-v2-3.pdf, AXMEDIS MPEG-21 cross media content model, content description and packaging, AXMEDIS players, player comparison, intelligent content, proactive content
axmedis-tech-note-n4001-axp2p-white-paper-v1-9.pdf 2814 Jul. 20, 2008 paolo
AXMEDIS-tech-note-n4001-AXP2P-white-paper-v1-9.pdf, AXMEDIS P2P network and solutio, BitTorrent, Controlled P2P network, automated publication and download, P2P monitoring and probing, performance of the P2P network, scalability, deployment
axmedis-tech-note-n5101-axmodel-white-paper-v2-4.pdf P2P Dwn 3776 Aug. 4, 2008 paolo
AXMEDIS model technical note, model for content for mobile, PC and STB, interoperable MPEG-21 model and content, DRM, CAS
axmedis-tn-n7001-crossmediafinder-white-paper-v1-4.pdf P2P Dwn 3685 Aug. 26, 2008 paolo
axmedis-de7-2-1-3-training-courses-2007-2008-v1-0.pdf P2P Dwn 3981 Aug. 28, 2008 paolo
axmedis-de11-1-6-1-project-videos-v0-1.pdf 2849 Aug. 28, 2008 paolo
axmedis-de11-1-4-4-project-brochures-version-4-v0-3.pdf 3045 Aug. 28, 2008 paolo
axmedis-de9-1-5-integrated-prototype-of-cms-integration-and-feedback-v-1-1.pdf 2732 Aug. 28, 2008 paolo
axmedis-de9-2-5-final-report-on-demo-on-cont-prod-and-cms-v1-5.pdf P2P Dwn 4419 Aug. 28, 2008 paolo
axmedis-de9-4-5-final-report-on-demo-on-cont-prod-and-distr-for-pc-v-0-3.pdf P2P Dwn 3710 Aug. 31, 2008 paolo
axmedis-de12-1-5-3-4home-final-report-and-success-story-v1-0.pdf P2P Dwn 4034 Aug. 31, 2008 paolo
axmedis-de12-1-5-2-4home-demonstration-report-v1-0.pdf P2P Dwn 3774 Aug. 31, 2008 paolo
AXMEDIS-DE12-1-5-2-4HOME-Demonstration-Report-v1-0.pdf, BBC trial and 4home show case final reporting and report
axmedis-de12-2-5-3-elteo-final-report-and-success-story-v1-0.pdf P2P Dwn 4094 Aug. 31, 2008 paolo
axmedis-de12-2-5-3-elteo-final-report-and-success-story-v1-0.pdf, show cases on TEO and ELION< video on demand for internet and STB, final report, success story, results
axmedis-de12-2-5-2-elteo-demonstration-report-v1-5.pdf P2P Dwn 3946 Aug. 31, 2008 paolo
axmedis-de12-2-5-2-elteo-demonstration-report-v1-5.pdf, final report, TEO and ELION, video on demand, for internet PC and STB. show case.
axmedis-de9-3-5-final-report-demonstrator-content-distribution-via-satellite-v1-0.pdf P2P Dwn 3960 Aug. 31, 2008 paolo
axmedis-de9-6-5-final-report-on-content-prod-and-distrib-to-kiosks-and-pda-v1-4.pdf P2P Dwn 4108 Aug. 31, 2008 paolo
AXMEDIS-DE9-6-5-final-report-on-content-prod-and-distrib-to-kiosks-and-pda-v1-4.pdf, AXMEDIS show case of Giuntilabs on content production and distribution towards PDA towards kiosks, windows mobile 5, axmedis player
de9-5-5-final-report-on-cont-prod-and-dist-for-mob-v1-3.pdf P2P Dwn 3793 Sep. 2, 2008 paolo
DE9-5-5-final-report-on-cont-prod-and-dist-for-mob-v1-3.pdf, final report about GIUNTI ILABS show case, content production and distribution for mobile by using AXMEDIS technology
axmedis-publishable-results-m37-48-v1-0.pdf P2P Dwn 5908 Sep. 2, 2008 paolo
axmedis-publishable-executive-summary-period-activity-report-m37-48-v1-0.pdf P2P Dwn 3735 Sep. 2, 2008 paolo
axmedis-de12-1-5-3-4home-final-report-and-success-story-v1-2.pdf P2P Dwn 3863 Sep. 3, 2008 paolo
axmedis-de12-1-5-3-4home-final-report-and-success-story-v1-2.pdf, AXMEDIS 4 HOME show case of BBC and TI, success story, examples, vod, dvb-t recorder
axmedis-de12-1-5-2-4home-demonstration-report-v1-2.pdf P2P Dwn 4082 Sep. 3, 2008 paolo
axmedis-de12-1-5-2-4home-demonstration-report-v1-2.pdf, AXMEDIS 4home demonstration and show case report, dvb-t recorder, AXMEDIS intelligent content, content generated on the home device, home domain management, DRM
axmedis-total-docs-2008-v1-0.doc P2P Dwn 4232 Sep. 14, 2008 paolo
axmediatech-axmedis-tn-n5101-axmodel-v2-6.pdf P2P Dwn 4023 Oct. 20, 2008 paolo
AXMEDIS model technical note, model for content for mobile, PC and STB, interoperable MPEG-21 model and content, DRM, CAS
axmediatech-axmedis-tn-n7001-crossmediafinder-v1-8.pdf P2P Dwn 4572 Oct. 20, 2008 paolo
AXMEDIATECH AXMEDIS xcross media finder a tool for creating your cross media multichannel social network, webtv
axmedis-de3-1-2-3-6-spec-of-ax-content-processing-update-v1-8.pdf P2P Dwn 5085 Nov. 12, 2008 paolo
axmedis-de3-1-2-3-14-spec-of-protection-support-updated-v0-6.pdf P2P Dwn 3982 Nov. 12, 2008 paolo
axmedis-final-report-2008-v1-1.pdf P2P Dwn 5380 Nov. 13, 2008 paolo
axmediatech-axmedis-tn-n3903-axcp-v3-3.pdf P2P Dwn 4607 Dec. 10, 2008 paolo
Axmediatech-AXMEDIS-tn-n3903-AXCP-v3-3.pdf, platforma for content progcessing added integration with Youtube, flickr, Sky EPG, SFTP, HTTPS, etc.
axmediatech-axmedis-tn-n3903-axcp-v3-4.pdf P2P Dwn 4716 Jan. 12, 2009 paolo
The AXMEDIS content procesig is an open solution to reduce costs and increase efficiency for automated content management, media management, post-production, repurposing, processing, production, protection, and multichannel distribution. It is more than a CMS, DMS, etc. It is a Content processing scalable grid platform. AXCP allows an integrated content/media/channel management of pre- and post-production, following your business growth and integration demands.
axmediatech-axmedis-tn-n5101-axmodel-v2-7.pdf P2P Dwn 3819 Jan. 12, 2009 paolo
AXMEDIS content model can be used as a descriptor and/or package for the content for distribution of more complex elements such as NewsML, MXF, SCORM, collections, menus, etc. The AXMEDIS package can be protected and the resources managed by AXMEDIS DRM model. It may contain also links to other AXMEDIS objects and direct URL. AXMEDIS may range from simple files with single resources such as video, audio, images, documents, animations, games, etc., to cross media and multimedia content including: HTML, SMIL, MPEG-4, FLASH, etc., as presentation layer. Combinations of the above mentioned content formats can be used, protected and managed in terms of detailed rights. AXMEDIS content model extends the MPEG-21 standard and allows creating different solutions for any distribution channels for download or streaming.
axmediatech-axmedis-tn-n7001-crossmediafinder-v1-9.pdf P2P Dwn 3671 Jan. 12, 2009 paolo
The market of digital content is rapidly changing. Users are becoming more interested in using interactive and intelligent content. The Cross Media Finder is a solution which allow to set up and create Social Networks and WebTVs with content on demand, supporting Multichannel distribution of Cross Media Content on: PC, PDA and Mobile (see from those devices). The solution is based on AXMEDIS technology for the cross media content modeling, for the Digital Rights Management, DRM and business models, for the automated production of content for multichannel, and for the collection and management of the User Generated Content and Experiences.
axmediatech-axmedis-tn-n4501-axdrm-v2-1.pdf P2P Dwn 4286 Jan. 13, 2009 paolo
AXMEDIS solutions reduce costs and increase efficiency for content management, even when the DRM is used. AXMEDIS supports the whole value chain and provides tools to simplify the convergence of media, the media transcoding, and the interoperability of content enabling multi-channel distribution. AXMEDIS provides a flexible and interoperable DRM, for both B2B and B2C across traditional and P2P distribution platforms.
AXMEDIS Multichannel DRM is an open interoperable solution for protecting and managing rights for a wide range of content, from single files to complex cross-media and multimedia, distributed on different channels towards different type of players and devices. AXMEDIS can be used to setup and manage DRM solutions for:
o Internet, client server and P2P distribution;
o broadcasting, satellite and terrestrial distribution;
o production and video on demand distribution;
o mobile and PDA distribution;
o interactive TV and educational content distribution;
o PC, STB/PVR, HDR, PDA, Mobiles, etc.;
axmediatech-axmedis-tn-n4001-axp2p-v2-1.pdf P2P Dwn 4031 Jan. 13, 2009 paolo
The AXMEDIS P2P is an open and scalable solution for setting up P2P networks for content distribution and sharing which can be used among business actors or consumers, or for creating thematic or mixed P2P networks for B2B/B2C content distribution and sharing. Content in this case, can be any kind, from video to audio, games, documents, etc. AXMEDIS P2P solution allows content owners and distributors to exploit the capabilities of P2P protocols to create efficient, controllable, legal and secure P2P networks for content distribution and sharing. By using the AXMEDIS P2P solution a distributor may automatically publish content in the P2P network; and the content may freely navigate among peers with the supervision and control of the AXMEDIS DRM and monitoring tools.
axmediatech-axmedis-tn-n3904-axcp-v3-8.pdf 3249 May. 18, 2009 paolo
AXMEDIS tools for cloud computing, massive parallel processing, media grid
capi-feb-2010-euparliament-paolo-nesi-v1-5.pdf 4821 Feb. 21, 2010 paolo
Piracy and file sharing: challenges and perspectives for the Digital Renaissance,technical point of view, paolo nesi, C.A.P.I. European Federation: slides for the forum discussion, 23rd February 2010, 14.00 – 15.30, European Parliament, Room : JAN 6Q1
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