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AXMEDIS automates your content management: production, protection for multichannel distribution and publication, internet, broadcast, P2P, mobile, etc.

The AXMEDIS allows you to reduce costs and increase efficiency. It provides support to automatize all the backoffice aspects (access to any CMSs and databases, processing, adaptation, fingerprinting, licensing, transcoding, MPEG-21, OMA, any metadata, metadata enrichment, reporting, accounting, etc.).

AXMEDIS supports the whole value chain and allows the convergence of the media and interoperability of content to enable multichannel distribution (e.g., mobile, satellite, kiosk, iTV, etc). AXMEDIS provides support for flexible and interoperable DRM, for B2B and B2C areas and for traditional and P2P distirbution platforms. AXMEDIS is offering MPEG-21 authoring tools and player tools PC, PDA, STB, PVR, HDR, Mobiles, MAC, etc. and all you need to automate your content management life cycle.

Main AXMEDIS products

  • AXMEDIS COPOP, content posting solution, to involve your final user, to collect their content and redistributing it for social networking or integrated it in your content based business solutions.

A selection of integrated solutions and experiences

In the following, a number of AXMEDIS based solutions from relevant international partners with their comments and appreciations:

Paolo Nesi, Ph.D.
Via S. Marta 3, 50139 Firenze, Italy


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