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AXMEDIS automates your content management: production, protection for multichannel distribution and publication, internet, broadcast, P2P, mobile, etc.

The AXMEDIS consortium consists of over 35 partners (among them: TISCALI, EUTELSAT, Telecom Italia, TEO, ELION, HP, BBC, Giunti ILABS, ACIT, EXITECH, etc.) deriving and exploiting innovative research results with new tools and solutions. The AXMEDIS Framework has been adopted and is under trial by many industrial partners, who have expressed their appreciations and comments, see below in this web page.

AXMEDIS Framework allows you to reduce costs and increase efficiency. It provides support to automatize all the backoffice aspects (access to any CMSs and databases, processing, adaptation, fingerprinting, licensing, transcoding, MPEG-21, OMA, any metadata, metadata enrichment, reporting, accounting, etc.).

AXMEDIS supports the whole value chain and allows the convergence of the media and interoperability of content to enable multichannel distribution (e.g., mobile, satellite, kiosk, iTV, etc). AXMEDIS provides support for flexible and interoperable DRM, for B2B and B2C areas and for traditional and P2P distirbution platforms. AXMEDIS is offering MPEG-21 authoring tools and player tools PC, PDA, STB, PVR, HDR, Mobiles, MAC, etc. and all you need to automate your content management life cycle.

AXMEDIS Framework is developed for small and large industries, with a common interest in the exploitation of new technologies and solutions. It can be used to set-up and built a large range of applications and services in the area of content production, protection and distribution. The AXMEDIS Framework is distributed with a dual licensing model: Open source for non commercial purpose and with Affiliation for commercial and supporting users, companies and institutions. See for details the Affiliation page.

Thanks to all new friends that have visited the AXMEDIS stand. The IBC 2007 has been very fritfully for us thanks to all. According to the large demand on detailed technical information on our best product for automating content production, protection and distribution, we have updated and made accessible for you a technical note:

Paolo Nesi “It is many years that sector experts talk about convergence of media, channels and devices, CAS and interoperable DRM solutions, support for On Demand or not, integration of traditional and P2P solutions, interoperable devices, and much more. Now AXMEDIS is the solution to enable the market with an effective suite of tool for the integrated management of backoffice and distribution to Make Multichannel Distribution and Convergence Working for You and not You working for it.”

A selection of integrated solutions and experiences meet them at the stand

In the following, a number of AXMEDIS based solutions from relevant international partners with their comments and appreciations:

At the IBC 2007 (stand 6.008) you will have the occasion to see and discuss about main AXMEDIS products and about how AXMEDIS can be integrated in your case:

  • AXMEDIS Content Processing, AXCP, the complete ready to start solution to automate your content production, protection and distribution, scheduling activities, supporting on demand services, managing backoffice for multichannel, managing multiple DRMs, managing multiple CMSs and databases, etc. It allows you automate all activities that you can do manually on your content and much much more.
  • AXMEDIS P2P Controlled Network, the complete ready to start solution for content distribution via P2P, B2B and B2C distribution BitTorrent Technology with Query and Catalogue, Protected content, P2P Client Tools, Automated B2B content distribution via P2P, fast seeding, and efficient control of the P2P network, C2C content distribution and sharing, Content Sharing among, producers, integrators, archives and libraries, etc.
  • AXMEDIS DRM, the complete ready to start solution for adopting MPEG-21 DRM and multiple DRM solutions. Servers and licensing tools for DRM, verification, certification, detection of attacks, black list management, collection of actions logs with traces about rights exploitation, tools for administrative managment, etc.
  • AXMEDIS Editor and players, a set of tools for MPEG-21 and AXMEDIS content authoring (presentation SMIL, HTML, MPEG-4- and any digital resources), licensing, protection, packaging, workflow, playing, etc. AXMEDIS authoring on Windows. AXMEDIS players for: MS Windows, Apple MAC, Linux, Windows Mobile 5, and java mobiles. Thus for PC, STB/PVR/HDR, Media Centers, PDA, and mobiles. They can be fully customized in terms of GUI and functionalities. examples of customisation are available following this click
  • AXMEDIS COPOP, content posting solution, to involve your final user, to collect their content and redistributing it for social networking or integrated it in your content based business solutions.

At the IBC 2007 (stand 6.008) you will have the occasion to see and discuss about:

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Contacts at the IBC2007 stand:

Telephone: +39-329-4309883 (at IBC 2007 only, see below for regular contact)

Email: p.nesi@dsi.unifi.it (at IBC 2007 only, see below for regular contact)

Representatives at the stand:

Paolo Nesi


Maurizio Campanai

Sales Manager

Davide Rogai

Model Manager

Nicola Mitolo


Ivan Bruno

Content Processing Manager

Kia Ng

Dissemination and Publication Manger

Jaime Delgado

DRM licensing

Atta Badii

Workflow Manager

Lorenzo Sutton

Cultural Content Producer

Laurence Pearce

Cross-media Producer

Domenico Dato

Content Distribution Coordinator

Fabrizio Fioravanti

DRM Accounting & Reporting Manager

Daniele Sparano

STB Manager

Bee Ong


Regular Contact:

Paolo Nesi, Ph.D.
Via S. Marta 3, 50139 Firenze, Italy
Email: nesi@dsi.unifi.it, paolo.nesi@unifi.it, p.nesi@computer.org