Tutorial: How to register on AXMEDIS Regitration Portal

Registration on "AXMEDIS Registration Portal"


  • When the AXMEDIS Editor/Player is opened for the first time, a window asking to register the new user will be showed (see the figure below).


  • By clicking the “Yes” button the certification procedure will start and a web page will be opened asking mandatory information to be filled in for the correct user registration. By clicking the “OK” button this information will be sent and collected by the AXCS and a confirmation email will be sent to the user at the email address specified in the field “Email”.



  • You will receive an email containting an URL to be clicked for the confirmation of the procedure: this is necessary to control the correctness of the specified email address. After the confirmation, another email will be received containing the user certificate (a .p12 file) and a password necessary to import the certificate.
  • The User Certificate has to be saved on the hard disk before starting the importation procedure.


Importing an User Certificate into an editor/player:


  • To import the certificate select in the AXMEDIS Editor/Player the menu Help/Import User Certificate.


  • Select the .p12 file received and press the Open button.



  • Insert the password received by email to continue the registration procedure and press the OK button.


  • A message confirming the correctness of the registration procedure will be showed. Press the OK button to continue.



Tool certification:

  • After the user registration it is necessary to certificate the tool. Open the menu Help\Tool certification.


  • After this the user will be able to create/play protected AXMEDIS objects from scratch using the AXMEDIS Editor/Player.





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