Controlled P2P: AXMEDIS P2P

Among the many solutions for content providing offered by AXMEDIS, you will be able to exploit the the efficiency of a controlled Peer-to-Peer Network to distribute and allow a controlled sharing of your content.

Exploit the exciting capabilities offered by a legal, P2P Network!

A distribution of content over a P2P Network offers many advantages. For example the chance to set-up an extremely efficient large-scale distribution, without spending all your resources for a traditional Server Farm needed for such a complex traditional streaming solution.

The AXMEDIS P2P is an open and scalable solution for setting up P2P networks for content distribution and sharing which can be used among business actors or consumers, or for creating thematic or mixed P2P networks for B2C content distribution and sharing. Content can be any kind, from video to audio, games, documents, etc.

AXMEDIS P2P solution allows content owners and distributors to exploit the capabilities of P2P protocols to create efficient, controllable, legal and secure P2P networks for content distribution and sharing. By using the AXMEDIS P2P solution a distributor may publish content in the P2P network; and the content may freely navigate among peers with the supervision and control of the AXMEDIS protection and monitoring tools. Content distributors may use the AXMEDIS P2P solution to setup legal P2P services for content distribution towards and among their customers, thus reducing their direct costs for distribution and infrastructure. Final users can be profiled and may be stimulated by advertising, and/or promotions of content to acquire licenses to play the content. Other business models such as the monthly rate or the renting for a period are also possible.


AXMEDIS P2P Main Capabilities:

The AXMEDIS P2P solution allows to:

  •  share any kind of content (digital files)
    • limit the content sharing to particular types/formats of content, protected or not;
  • publish/distribute content
      • with DRM or not (for example with MPEG-21 REL DRM, but other DRMs are also supported). In the
      • case of DRMed content, different business models can be supported on the same P2P network and on the same content at the same time: pay per play, monthly subscription, renting, etc.
      • in a fast and reliable manner on the P2P network, the so called “immediate seeding” of P2P network,
        • in direct connection with your Content Management Systems;
  • create a community among different actors to publish, download and share content and tools
    • set up content distributing/sharing network among business partners: B2B solution;
    • set up content distributing/sharing network among consumers: C2C solution;
    • set up content distributing/sharing network among a mixed community of business partners and consumers: B2B2C. In this case, both of them may enjoy the sharing of files (faster download) for different purposes;
  • monitor the activity of the P2P network including
  • monitoring and measuring performances in particular points of the geographical P2P network;
  • information regarding the status and profile of the P2P control nodes and of peers;
  • statistics about the status of the whole P2P network;
  • detailed reporting about the activity related to each content/object on the P2P network;
  • filter content that is not
  • authorized to be shared on the network, for example when a content is infringed with some
  • Intellectual Property. The filtering can be based on detection of content on the basis of fingerprint or
  • watermark solutions, or of simple IDs;
  • conformant to some standard or format;
  • control the activity of the P2P network
    • automated content publication and/or download;
    • managing black lists of P2P clients and content;
    • strategies for the publication, polishing and maintenance of the P2P network;
  • easily and immediately integrate with any WEB portal and/or services for content distribution and sale;
    • starting the download with P2P client tools by just a click from any WEB page;
    • promoting new content, top/premium content, advertising, etc., towards the users connected with the
      P2P network via P2P Clients;
    • bringing users to a specific WEB page for each DRMed content to provide additional information for
      sale and/or promotion of related products;

With the AXMEDIS P2P solution, it is also possible to
  • make queries into the P2P network. This search facility is provided for MPEG-21 objects. It is based on :
    • Dublin Core metadata and classification model;
    • additional business information such as licensing information, distributor information, etc.;
  • expose the whole content catalogue to your P2P network clients;
  • integrate P2P tools directly:
    •  directly with your content management systems, CMS;
    •  with your workflow management systems, WFMS;

The AXMEDIS P2P Solution is based on an extremely efficient BitTorrent protocol enhanced for AXMEDIS Content distribution, both by streaming and by download manner.

Customisation of P2P Architecture and Tools:

AXMEDIS P2P can be fully customised in all its parts: filtering, publication, monitoring, query, classification, indexing, profiling, advertising, user interface, integration with other tools, etc., plus all the AXCP details to control and monitoring the network.

AXMEDIS Reliability and Scalability:

The AXMEDIS P2P solution is reliable, scalable and fault tolerant and can grow with your needs.
AXCP nodes can run multiple copies of the same rules on the same content making possible the setting up of fault tolerant solutions and recovery solutions in case of server or disk failure.
The AXMEDIS P2P solution is scalable in terms of number of P2P clients, AXTracker, AXEPTools and AXMEDIA tools. It may work with small networks or with a very large and geographic number of users, with multiple trackers, etc.

AXMEDIS P2P Technical Information:

The AXMEDIS P2P servers (Query Support, AXTracker)  run on Linux and P2P clients mainly run on MS Windows. AXMEDIS P2P Solution is fully scalable according to your needs, with or without DRM support, with or without AXCP, as software or as an integrated hardware-software solution ready to be included in your company according to your needs. Specific customisations have to be negotiated on the basis of your needs. Training, integration and service level agreement are also available.

AXMEDIS P2P trial:

Join a TRIAL AXMEDIS P2P network! Download and install your AXEPTool P2P Client by clicking here. After  the installation that you can download and publish files, then observ them in the catalogues, etc. If you are interested in the fast seeding, please contact us to see a demo from an AXEPTool controlled by an AXCP.

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