AXMEDIS supports the whole value chain and provides tools to simplify the convergence of media, the media transcoding, and the interoperability of content enabling multi-channel distribution. AXMEDIS provides a flexible and interoperable DRM, for both B2B and B2C across traditional and P2P distribution platforms. AXMEDIS Multi-channel DRM is an open interoperable solution for protecting and managing rights for a wide range of content, from single files to complex cross media and multimedia, distributed on different channels towards different type of players and devices.

AXMEDIS can be used to setup and manage DRM solutions for:
  • Internet, client server and P2P distribution;
  • broadcasting, satellite and terrestrial distribution;
  • production and video on demand distribution;
  • mobile and PDA distribution;
  • interactive TV and educational content distribution;
  • PC, STB/PVR, HDR, PDA, Mobiles, etc.;
  • physical media: CD, DVD, USB, etc.;
  • business to business (B2B) distribution;
  • integrated business to business to consumers (B2B2C) distribution models.

AXMEDIS DRM Architecture and Solution:

AXMEDIS DRM architecture can be easily integrated into any distribution channel, allowing you to maintain your front end distribution solution and customer relationship management tools. In the following figure, the green parts are your servers and tools and your customers/markets; grey and light blue parts are those that can be provided by AXMEDIS or in which AXMEDIS parts can make the difference with tools. 

AXMEDIS DRM exploits and extends the MPEG-21 standard allowing you to:

  • protect any content formats and types:
    • video, audio, images, documents, games, etc.;
    • cross media and multimedia content: HTML, SMIL, MPEG-4, etc.;
    • collections and combinations of the above mentioned content formats;
  • control the exploitation of rights of the above content formats:
    • formalisation of rights and conditions with formal licenses. The license for content is a digital version of a
    • contract that contains the list of rights (with related conditions) that can be exploited on that content by a given user. In AXMEDIS, licenses are formalized in MPEG-21 REL Standard;
  • collect and report information about consumption of rights for accounting, billing and/or statistical analysis;
AXMEDIS DRM solution provides:
  • tools for content packaging and protection (they may range from simple manual tools to automated tools based on GRID technology, AXMEDIS Content Processing, AXCP solution). See a summary in the following technical note available here;
  • DRM servers for (i) controlling the exploitation of rights of protected content, (ii) collecting information about the exploitation of rights; for example counting the number of times a given content object has been played, by a given user, on given device, etc. (iii) optionally interacting with an intellectual property ontology to facilitate the production and verification of licenses.
  • players for protected content on PC (MS Windows), PDA (Windows Mobile 5 and 6), STB/PVR (Linux and Kreatel based), and AXMEDIS Java based Mobile. AXMEDIS players can be customized in several different manners and can be hosted in WEB pages (AXMEDIS player in the form of Active X).
  • tools for manual and automated production of licenses, and for accelerating the transformation of contracts
  • to licenses directly from the contract text, and vice versa for legal validation of licenses.
Front end content distribution servers, commerce servers, customer relationship servers can produce licenses for your final customers. These licenses are required to be posted onto the AXMEDIS DRM Servers via a Web Service call. In alternative, the same servers can use the AXCP GRID to perform the same activity, particularly when there are a high number of licenses produced. For example, in the case of a business model based on subscription; each new subscription produces a set of licenses to enable the new user to access all the content distributed.

AXMEDIS DRM Advanced Capabilities:

AXMEDIS DRM provides a number of Advanced Capabilities that can be used to widen the market by creating specific business models and solutions:
  • Rights expressions translation: conversion of MPEG-21 REL to OMA DRM licenses, and vice versa;
  • Production and management of chains of licenses:
    • Final level licenses are verified in AXMEDIS DRM Servers against the parent license(s) to verify that the rights are fulfilled along the whole value chain.
    • Example: creating a license which enables Distributors to make licenses for final users allows content producers, collecting societies, authors and publishers to control the distribution process and to obtain the report on content consumption directly from AXMEDIS DRM servers;
    • Example: creating a license which enables final users to make/change the content and produce other licenses allows distributors and/or the other actors in the value chain to monitor and control the exploitation of rights via AXMEDIS DRM servers;
  • Production and management of domain licenses:
    • Assigning rights/licenses to a group of users and devices, simplifying the license processing;
    • Creating and managing a collection of content (at home, in the disco, in the pizzeria, etc.) that can be played on a set of devices;
  • Production of specific reports to all actors in the value chain according to the visibility that they can have on private information of users, such as Action Logs registered at AXMEDIS DRM servers;
  • Classification of user roles and AXMEDIS objects;
  • Integrating ontology to support the correct production of licenses from contracts.
AXMEDIS can be used to create trading market places on digital content for B2B, B2C and C2C applications. Those are areas in which users (business or consumers) may access protected content to see which rights can be bought for a given object or collection. This operation can be performed by making queries via an AXMEDIS database or P2P network; e.g. looking for content to be compounded, distributed and/or played in January 2008 in Germany. These possibilities enable potential customers to search and select content in a free accessible market and maybe to negotiate the price later. This feature is grounded on the information that may be included in an AXMEDIS object regarding the producers of the object itself and on the possibility of nesting protected objects. AXMEDIS objects may contain among its metadata the AXMEDIS Information PAR is the list of Potentially Available Rights that object creators may be capable to provide for an object. It is substantially a formalization of what users (business or consumers) could do with that object after acquiring one or more specific licenses.


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  • AXMEDIS Content Production Tools: AXMEDIS editor and GRID AXCP tools, PnP, DRM editor, etc., all you need to creat AXMEDIS objects and process any kind of content manually and automatically: SMIL, HTML, content adptation,, fingerprint, crawling, indexing, cms, search, retrieval, control of P2P.
  • AXMEDIS Editor Tool: AXMEDIS Editor, Authoring Tools, MPEG-21 authoring editor, SMIL, HTML, Cross media content, DRM editor, workflow, scenarious editor, metadata mapper, SMIL viewer, HTML viewer, metadata editor, MPEG-21 player, MPEG-4 player.

Technical Information:

AXMEDIS DRM servers are based in MS Windows XP. Among the servers AXMEDIS can provide: registration portal and service, certification authority (all AXMEDIS tools and users are certified by using standard X.509 certificates), AXMEDIS Certifier and Supervisor and the AXMEDIS Protection Manager Support. Specific customisations have to be negotiated on the basis of your needs. Training, integration and service level agreement are also available.

AXMEDIS DRM Servers Main Capabilities Solution:

Technically, the AXMEDIS DRM Servers support the following functionalities:

  • registration of final users via web service or on a portal;
  • certification and authentication of final users, players and devices;
  • collecting and processing of licenses to provide authorizations to players. Licenses are expressed in MPEG-21 REL standard;
  • detection of attacks performed at AXMEDIS DRM and tools by final users; verification and supervision of the activity performed at players;
  • collection of action logs reporting the rights exploited by final users on players. This extends the MPEG-21 ER standard and can be used for reporting and statistical purposes;
  • counting the number of times a given right is exploited and revoking the grant when the number is greater than that imposed by the license;
  • revoke licenses assigned to a user, which disables the exploitation of rights on a given object; manage black lists of licenses;
  • revoke users’ authorizations; manage black lists of users;
  • revoke players’ and devices’ authorizations; manage black lists of players/devices;

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