AXMEDIS Controlled P2P Network
The following showcase will guide you on your first experience with the AXMEDIS Controlled P2P Network. As you know, a P2P Network represents a great opportunity to set up a reliable and affordable distribution network, both for exploitation in B2C and B2B contexts. By following the simple steps presented in this showcase you will be able to test most of them.
In case you want to know more about the AXMEDIS P2P Network, please refer to the  following Technical Note:

How to experience the AXMEDIS Automatic Content Production ... in steps:

  • Download and install AXEPTool;
  • Browse, or search for content to download;
  • Download the content;
  • (Protection/license acquisition: only in case of protected content);
  • Explore the content;
1: Object creating and download: 

First you have to download the AXMEDIS AXEPTool, the AXMEDIS Tool for P2P management at the following link: Once you downloaded the last version of the AXEPTool Installer, click on the icon to install it on your computer.

Browse, or search for content to download:

Once you've installed the AXEPTool, launch it. Then you have to option:

By clicking on the search tab you can search for AXMEDIS Content available on the P2P Network.
Otherwise, you can browse all the content available on the AXMEDIS P2P Network.
4: Download the content:
Choose some content and click on it to start the download. Some of the content available on the AXMEDIS P2P Network is freely downloadable, and doesn't require a license to be played.

5: Content Playing:
Once the download is finished, open the content in you favourite AXMEDIS player. They are all freely downloadable at the following links:


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