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This showcase has been developed to allow you to experience of AXMEDIS Content Processing power and capabilities. In this case the AXMEDIS Content Processing Area (AXCP) will create on-demand a demonstrative protected AXMEDIS object, according to some some chosed options. Then, once you have downloaded the object and you have obtained (for free) the license for playing, you will be able to enjoy  its interactivity on your favourite AXMEDIS Player

Before you start, if you want to have further or in-depth information of the technologies involved in this demonstration, please refer to the specific technical notes listed below:

How to experience the AXMEDIS Automatic Content Production ... in steps:

  • the AXCP to produce an AXMEDIS Object according to some options you selected;
  • Download the created object;
  • Create an account on the AXMEDIS Registration Portal;
  • Certify the AXMEDIS Player you chosed to play the object;
  • Obtain the license to play the object;
  • Enjoy the interactivity of the object;
1: Object creating and download: 

First, click on the link to reach the AXMEDIS object production demo page by clicking here [to be created].

[screenshot 1: object creation page]

The page shows you some options to customise the object the AXCP will create you on demand.

[screenshot 2: object creation page]

Once you created the object, you just need to download the object by clicking on the button as shown in the followin picture.

 2: AXMEDIS Player: User registration and Player certification:

AXMEDIS PC/PDA/ActiveX Player: in order to procede with the experience, you need to download the player, available on the website, for free:

Since the AXMEDIS Object you just created is protected you need to register on the AXMEDIS Registration Portal

Moreover, if you haven't already done it, in order to certity the player you chosed to utilize for playing the content you requested, please have a look on these tutorials:

Otherwise, if you are not interested in playing protected contents, and you want to experience some unprotected content (as the one included into the player installer), you don't need any registration.

3: Obtain a free license for the content:

 [section to be to be defined..]

4: Enjoy the interactivity offered by axmedis content model:


Showcase requirements:

AXMEDIS Content Model

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