The AXMEDIS Framework is accessible to all including industries, large or small, who share the interest to exploit new technologies and solutions for automated content production and multi-channel distribution. The AXMEDIS Framework can be used to setup and build a set of complete applications and services in the area of content production, protection and distribution. With the flexibility of AXMEDIS dynamic Plug-In technology, you can customise your applications and processes according to your needs.

AXMEDIS Framework is Open:

  • AXMEDIS focuses on interoperability and openness of content model and interoperability of DRM models, including multi-channel distribution;
  • AXMEDIS specification is public. Its specific use is royalty free;
  • source code of the AXMEDIS Framework is accessible by the AXMEDIS Affiliation programme. The affiliation fee is affordable for all. Alternatively affiliation can also be offered in return for contributions to improve and/or extend the AXMEDIS Framework; AXMEDIS plug-in technology is public. The source code for creating new plug-in is public without the needs to be affiliated. Any tool can be made accessible into the AXMEDIS Content Processing GRID with this technology;
  • The whole source code of AXMEDIS is open source for non profit organization;

To take advantage of the AXMEDIS framework and technologies, you are invited to apply for the AXMEDIS Affiliation. (...)

With the AXMEDIS Affiliation, Industrial participants can:

  • access to the AXMEDIS Framework which can be used to set up and enhance production, protection and distribution facilities/platforms in a simple and cheap manner;
  • adopt standard models (e.g. MPEG-21) for content and licenses modelling and hence adding DRM in your content business;
  • establish contacts with other business partners interested in exploiting similar technology;
  • obtain greater control on the content usage;
  • create customised AXMEDIS players for PC, PDA, Mobile and STB;
  • exploit and trial innovative business models that can be enforced on a distribution channel with management of rights and obtain reports on exploited rights of the multimedia content distributed.
With the AXMEDIS Affiliation, Research institutions can:
  • access to AXMEDIS Framework to build different solutions and applications to cover the needs of the value chain actors and tested with low effort;
  • improve visibility, promote and produce algorithms and tools, that can be used for content processing and modelling, and can be integrated into the framework;
  • add new content models and new DRM models, make them interoperable with MPEG-21 and others already in place on the AXMEDIS Framework;
  • test algorithms and tools with respect to the state of the art solutions, with ease;
  • collaborate with other relevant research institution and companies of the sectors.

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ECLAP Best Practice Network

Mobile Medicine Social Network is AXMEDIS powered

AXMEDIS participated at "Forum Europeo Sulla Televisione Digitale", June 6th 2008, Lucca (Italy)

AXMEDIS participated at MipTV 2008 (April 7-11), Cannes (France)
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