Protected Video on Demand (VOD) Distribution to PC

Elion explored business to consumer (B2C) digital content distribution on IP network by downloading video content into PC using http server. The content can be AXMEDIS Objects with any kind of content: video, images, document, audio, animations, etc. The content is protected at content producer level with AXMEDIS DRM technology. Usage licenses are produced on the fly when an AXMEDIS Object is bought by the consumer.

Technical note 6501: "ELION content on demand distribution for PC "

The showcase consists of two different aspects:

  • business client side (administration) of professional users (link to business client side)
  • distribution to consumer via a consumer portal

Service prerequisites for consumers

  • AXMEDIS Player - To play content you must have the AXMEDIS Player installed on your PC. Download the AXMEDIS Player here.
  • Register to AXMEDIS - To play protected content with the AXMEDIS Player you must be registered to AXMEDIS and you must have certified the AXMEDIS Player. Register to AXMEDIS here.
  • Create an E-PASS account. Get an E-PASS account here.
For payments the consumer has the following options:
  • Online Banking (Hansa Bank, SEB Ühispank, Sampo Bank)
  • Mobile payment from following service providers (EMT, TELE 2, ELISA)
  • Credit card (Master Card, Visa)

Consumer portal

The consumer portal can be reached here. Being a demonstrator, the portal is limited to private testing and is not supported by our customer support.

When you have been authenticated and the E-PASS account has been tied with your AXMEDIS user id you will be presented with a list of available content as shown below.

Media details are shown when you click on the media item in the list. If a media item has no price you can get the license and the object by simply clicking "view media".

If the media object is protected then you will be asked to transfer the shown amount of money any of the available payment channels.

If you have an appropriate license the object becomes downloadable and you can choose to download it by clicking "save" or open the download in the player by clicking "open".

All purchased items are available for unlimited play count within 24 hours. You can click "my media" for a list of items that have been licensed for usage.

You can also view activities by checking the licensing history.


Professional user experience of the business client side (administration)

The business client side is a closed test environment. Screenshots of the business client side will illustrate the professional user experience.

Since Elion is creating a distribution service our goals were to create a flexible solution for business partners. As such the administrative side is created by using standard web services and is intended to be integrated into a business client web management system to provide unified experience. The following screenshots are only examples of a few possible options available for business clients.

End user management. Since all end user functions have been embedded into the EPASS accounting system the available options for this administrative service are limited to the list of subscribers that activated the on demand service and the interface for performing manual activation, both interfaces are shown below.

Consumer list

For manual activation a valid AXUID and E-PASS account name must be typed into form.

Manual account activation


Media management. This section contains all basics of any content management system.

The following screen shows all objects on the current distributor.

Managers can submit searches on the AXMEDIS B2B P2P networks.

The download status from P2P client is available over the interface.

The system allows object delivery using non P2P networks. For example, an object can be uploaded using FTP and then this interface can be used to index the object for distribution. The filename drop down box is automatically populated by listing the objects in distribution storage.

Manual license issuing is available for object testing.

Finally, the sample license issuing log is provided for a current distributor, more detailed action logs are available over AXMEDIS Camart providing flexibility and customisation dependent on business partner needs.


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