Content Distribution via Satellite Data Broadcast (DVB-S) to PC and STB

The Satellite Data Broadcast, explored by EUTELSAT together with the University of Leeds and MBI, allows the distribution of content with a single transmission to several users located in different geographical areas.

Advantage. Using the satellite channel, high speed distribution becomes possible everywhere, also in regions not covered by terrestrial broadband infrastructure. 

Content from the AXMEDIS Factory is easily delivered to the outside world, and received by final users on their PCs or on AXMEDIS compliant STBs.

The AXMEDIS Demonstrator for Satellite Distribution is a running demo of AXMEDIS content sent  in broadcast via the Eutelsat OPENSKY™ platform. A Program & Publication Engine runs permanently at University of Leeds. It automatically generates distribution programs, taking new content from the AXMEDIS P2P and putting it on the satellite carousel.

The distribution to PC is suitable for any kind of digital content, while for the STB audio/video content is more suitable. SMIL and HTML are also supported.

Consumers of content who want to try the satellite reception find advice how to download  content (for free) from the carousel here.

Distributors will find more information about this distribution channel here.  


For Consumers

Service prerequisites for consumers

In order to view the AXMEDIS content you need a satellite dish pointing to ATLANTIC BIRD™ 1 (AB1) positioned at 12.5° West with a coverage of Europe (Transponder C11).

A one-way (reception only) antenna is suitable. The dish size you need depends on your location. You can find the recommended dish size in the table:
 Signal Strenght (dbW)
Dish Size (cm)
 47 90
 45  110
 43  150
 40  200





You need a DVB-S adapter for your PC. OPENSKY™ services are based on DVB-S technology. Therefore you need a satellite DVB device to receive them. You can use an external DVB USB box connected to your PC via a USB cable or an internal PCI card. Most devices available on the market are compatible with OPENSKY™ services, using following transmission parameters:

Frequency: 11,4280GHz
Symbol Rate: 30000kSymb/s
Polarization: Horizontal
Viterbi Rate: 5/6
PID: 2411

AXMEDIS Player and OPENSKY™ software application - To play content you must have the AXMEDIS Player and the OPENSKY™ software application (Windows XP) installed on your PC. Download both here.

Register to AXMEDIS - To play protected content with the AXMEDIS Player please register to AXMEDIS and certify the AXMEDIS Player. Register to AXMEDIS here.

For further information on the hardware installation, please see here.


The consumer experience

Launch the OPENSKY™Client application and you will be ready to access the AXMEDIS content via satellite. The OPENSKY™Guide lists the available content on-air, with expected transmission time. 

Select the content you wish to receive ("Add to jobs") and just wait. At the transmission start time your application will start the download and store the content on your PC.

During this time you do not need to be connected to the internet. The download works from satellite.

A pop-up window will inform you of the completed download. Now you can open your received AXMEDIS objects. Enjoy!

For Distributors

The AXMEDIS solution gives you access to the Satellite Data Broadcast. The AXMEDIS Program & Publication (P&P) Tools let you define and activate your distribution programs to satellite.
Content is retrieved from the AXMEDIS platform, P2P and/or DB, and delivered using the OPENSKY™ technology of Eutelsat.

Service prerequisites for distributors

To try out the distribution of content you need to install the AXMEDIS Tools, including the P&P Tools:

  • AXMEDIS Tools including the P&P Tools - Download here and install them on your computer.
  • Register to AXMEDIS - To use the AXMEDIS Tools you must be registered to AXMEDIS and you must have certified the AXMEDIS Tools. Register to AXMEDIS here.

Note that, although the interaction is transparent for the distributors using the P&P Tools, the access to the Eutelsat OPENSKY™ platform's services is restricted and limited to authorised users only. Therefore, you need to contact the AXMEDIS administrators (mailto: This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it ) to obtain authorisation to fully access the satellite distribution. Your IP addresses will be registered and enabled to access the Eutelsat OPENSKY™ platform. 

Once the tools are installed and authorisation obtained, you can create your own distribution programs and put them on the carousel (OPENSKY™Guide) for satellite distribution.

The P&P Editor is a Graphical User Interface (GUI) for a distributor to create and edit P&P programs. A P&P program is a sort of TV/Radio program, containing details as the digital objects to be distributed, time schedule, delivery channel, and more.






 Through the P&P Editor you can:

  • search for AXMEDIS objects on the AXMEDIS DB or on the connected AXMEDIS P2P network and select them
  • specify distribution parameters as start/end date and time, distribution channels
  • save or modify programs
  • activate programs for effective processing and distribution

Once your P&P programme is activated, it is submitted to the P&P Engine, which will take care of the connection to the Eutelsat platform and add the selected content into the carousel at the distribution time. At this moment the content will appear on the OPENSKY™Guide and content consumers will be able to select and receive it.

At the defined end of distribution, the P&P Engine will remove your content from the satellite carousel, and it will not be transmitted anymore.

For the purpose of this showcase a channel of 512 Kbps of bandwidth is allocated for distribution. In real deployments a higher speed can be used according to your needs and requirements. Try it now.



Content distribution via satellite is also available on SetTop Boxes (STB).  A simple STB receiving data from satellite and displaying on TV screen is an alternative solution for your business. In this case the "push" model is used. Content is directly pushed to enabled users, i.e. automatically downloaded and stored on the devices. The received content is then presented on the Electronic Program Guide (EPG) for play. 

This STB is not yet on the market. If you want to have more information and test it you can contact the AXMEDIS Consortium (mailto: This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it ) and arrange a demo.

In the meantime you can watch a video of the AXMEDIS STB DVB-S usage (here).




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