AXMEDIS crossmedia content on demand portal
The demonstrative portal for AXMEDIS content: video, images, document, audio, and crossmedia can be accessed from:
You can directly play the AXMEDIS content by clicking on their representative icons if you install the minimal AXMEDIS player for Internet Explorer from:
or the AXMEDIS player for Mozilla Firefox from:

This will allow you to see video and audio in progressive download.
while images, documents, and crossmedia are downloaded in any case, so if they are big you will have to wait few seconds.

You can use the P2P download facility by also installing the AXMEDIS p2p client tool:

Most of the content is free, and not protected, some instances of protected content can be identified by the presence of latch icon.
There is also a support for automatically ingest and public user generated content and semantic metadata full search capabilities.




ECLAP Best Practice Network

Mobile Medicine Social Network is AXMEDIS powered

AXMEDIS participated at "Forum Europeo Sulla Televisione Digitale", June 6th 2008, Lucca (Italy)

AXMEDIS participated at MipTV 2008 (April 7-11), Cannes (France)
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