SIAE Content Collection

Content Posting Tool, for Final User content production/publication/DRM

By using the AXMEDIS factory tools the content can be professionally produced, packaged and published by using AXMEDIS editor and AXMEDIS Content Processing Tools.

In social networks or for business purpose the Users are interested in covering the role of  publishers of content to see eventual possibilities of entering in a business and/to to share this kind of collective experience. Examples of this trend and strong interests are services set up by youTube, Video Google, etc.

In order to provide support for the direct production of content from the Users a set of tools have been created with the support of SIAE (the major Collecting Society of Italy). The User in this content can be an author, editor, and/or a producer. In particular, an effective set of tools for Content Posting have been created. The simple one is given in the hands of the Final Users and it is called COPOP Client (COntent POsting Portal). The COPOP Client establishes an SSL connection with the COPOP Server and it can be used for the upload of digital resources to an AXMEDIS content production factory. This allows to activate scripts for direct production, protection and publication of content on multichannel (...).
The Final User can:
  • adopt the COPOP client tool and related service to reduce the costs of producing, protecting and publishing content on different channels;
  • adopt the COPOP client tool to shortening time for publishing content on different channels;
  • decide how many metadata (classification plus ISAN, ISRC, and other IDs) include into the content posted and even activate an automatic upload of content from their computer to the distributor portal;
  • define its own DRM rules according to several business model offered, including prices, or leave the content free of charge, etc.;
  • monitor on the COPOP server the status of the its published content according to the DRM model decided.

The COPOP service can be connected to any AXMEDIS distribution channel, automating the publication towards P2P, satellite data broadcast, mobiles, etc. etc., including processing and adaptation for the different channels and devices also supporting DRM and licensing.
Please stay tuned on the AXMEDIS portal since this service will be activated soon for final users interested in contributing to AXMEDIS content distribution via P2P and other towards other AXMEDIS channels.





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