AXMEDIS for Cultural Heritage Content Distribution (ANSC)
The Accademia Nazionale di Santa Cecilia has always been interested  in the opportunities offered by new technologies for the valorisation of musical and cultural heritage. In this direction the Accademia has been sharing competences and experiences, and its enormous cultural heritage, by contributing to an international project such as AXMEDIS, that   joins universities, research centres, and leader enterprises in working in the IT field.

With the opening of the Musical Instruments Museum, the MUSA, the Accademia Nazionale di Santa Cecilia is now able to offer users a highly innovative and immersive experience based on the sound of instruments and possible thanks to AXMEDIS technologies for the creation and presentation of interactive content for visiting the museum.

Thanks to the use of the AXMEDIS technology MUSA visitors will be able to expand their experience with an AXMEDIS enabled PDA, that enhances the visit with multimedia content such as, for example,  the possibility of hearing the real instrument sounds and viewing images of them: the application accompanies visitors throughout the whole exhibition gallery.

The PDAs available for museum visitors are capable to play AXMEDIS objects. These can include a wide set of multimedia content: from simple files to complex collections, possible presented in an highly interactive manner. AXMEDIS Objects are suitable for a wide set of applications for the valorisation of cultural heritage or educational purposes: as support for museum visits, guides, or simply for entertainment (or “edutainment”). They can be loaned to the visitors who can also upload to their PDA and also on java-enabled mobiles.

The AXMEDIS solution enables  content owners to create, distribute and play contents on different platforms: internet, satellite, digital terrestrial, IPTV, STB, PDA, P2P, mobile phones; both in protected and non-protected manners, optionally with some DRM. From a cultural institution’s point of view AXMEDIS allows to automate the content production process and potentially the whole process for on-line publication on multiple channels and devices.

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AXMEDIS Applications:

The AXMEDIS Content Model has been designed to simplify and reduce production and distribution costs for interactive multimedia. AXMEDIS Objects can include  simple files or interactive collections, for a large set of applications, and are suitable for the most different context and workloads: from a small single-user home scenario, to bigger “business” ones with massive workloads. See the "AXMEDIS production tools and players" page for additional information on AXMEDIS model and tools.


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