AXMEDIS production tools and players
The market of digital content is rapidly changing. Users are becoming more interested in interactive multimedia and cross media content. For example, content which can:
  • include several kinds of media inside (audio, video, games, documents), reproducing in a single digital object the interactivity and the entertainment capabilities that you can see now on DVDs;
  • provide enhanced interactivity such as navigating and selecting content elements to be played, making queries into the content elements, reacting to user commands and changes;
  • be exchanged and distributed among different devices/tools: PC, Mobiles, smart-phones, STB/PVR, HDR, PDA, game station;
  • be obtained from several different interoperable distribution channels based on Internet, P2P, wireless mobile, satellite, terrestrial networks, and other means;
  • change content behavior according to the context and/or to the personal information of the user;
  • be acquired by using preferred business models: renting, pay per play, subscription;
  • be stored in media centers to be redistributed to other devices;
  • be personally produced at home to be shared in the network.
These new forms of content and content usage can be fully exploited for digital content distribution, and are opening paths for a larger set of new applications and markets beyond the limitations of the physical media. With AXMEDIS the combination of digital content formats and digital distribution channels are creating new applications including IPTV, DVB, VOD, POD, WEBTV, etc., for PC, PDA, mobiles and STB/PVR. Recent distribution models have been enabled by a set of new technologies grounded on content formats, content processing and adaptation capabilities, content protection models and solutions, hardware capabilities, and new solutions for Digital Rights Management, DRM.

AXMEDIS Players:

AXMEDIS players are capable of rendering AXMEDIS objects. They are available on different operating systems and of different kinds: SMIL, HTML, MPEG-4, video, audio, documents, images, and JavaScript, etc.. 

AXMEDIS PC players:
Players for other platforms:
All the AXMEDIS players have DRM capabilities. In order to access protected AXMEDIS objects, players have to be certified by a registered AXMEDIS user. AXMEDIS players are capable of reading AXMEDIS objects from files and streaming, navigating the resources, showing metadata, presenting the internal hierarchy, etc.

Axmedis Players



The AXMEDIS Editor is an Authoring Tool to create AXMEDIS Objects, MPEG-21 Objects, to embed"raw" digital resources or other AXMEDIS Objects. The creation of complex objects with both simple and nested resources is very easy with the AXMEDIS Editor.

The AXMEDIS Editor is used for the manual production of AXMEDIS Objects for the creation and manipulation  of object features and their different aspects:
  • Structure and packaging, to add, remove, move digital resources and metadata inside the AXMEDIS Object (hierarchy editor and viewer of the object), to manipulate in terms of AXMEDIS elements and/or in terms of MPEG-21 standard;
  • Resource manipulation, to use content processing plug-ins for generic and customisable resource manipulation (the same algorithms and tools used in the AXMEDIS Content Processing), so that it allow the test o AXMEDIS Content Processing algorithms;
  • Metadata editing, to edit/map the metadata (any XML format) related to digital resources and objects (metadata editor and viewer);
  • Visual and behavioral editing, to define content usage paradigm (presentation level) organization of resources to present/layouting the digital content contained inside the AXMEDIS Object (visual and behavioral editor and viewer), save in SMIL, as templates, HTML;
  • Protection editing, to specify/test protection algorithms to be used for the AXMEDIS Object protection, and thus to define the Protection Information (Protection Editor and Viewer);
  • DRM editing, to produce and verify licenses for end users and/or distributors of the AXMEDIS Object as well as the Potentially Available Rights, PAR, that could be acquired on objects shared in the P2P Network (DRM editor and viewer);
  • Workflow, to edit and view the status and the work to be done on the AXMEDIS Objects involved in the workflow process (workflow editor and viewer).

The above figure illustrates an example of a complex object with a lot of digital resources shown in the hierarchical list on the left. On the right the resource viewer visualizes or plays the selected resource (audio, video, image, document, SMIL, MPEG-4).

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AXMEDIS Intelligent Content Model for advanced interactivity:

The AXMEDIS object model introduces a set of new capabilities and features that allow content to include software programs which may change the content’s behavior and aspect on the basis on the user activities. For example, content that allows migrating parts of itself to another computer/device, content that may permit to make a query among its internal data, and so on. This kind of content may have potentially all features of the AXCP JavaScript platform and much more interactivity than any other content in the market (...). AXMEDIS PC players have fully support for  intelligent  content and annotations.



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