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Automating Production of Cross Media Content
for Multi-channel Distribution

The AXMEDIS is an open solution which builds on technologies and tools to:

  • reduce costs and increase efficiency for content production, protection, management and distribution. It offers effective automation for
    • integrating your Content Management Systems (CMSs), with the distribution systems by automating the communication and maintenance of content and information between the two systems;
    • content gathering and ingestion processes from local and remote CMSs as well as file systems;
    • composition, supporting parallel processing, GRID technology, and optimisation techniques for content ingestion, production, protection and formatting;
    • managing the workflow processes at content-factory level and content-factories with the support of OpenFlow and BizTalk Workflow Management systems;
    • the overall process allowing content production on demand.
  • support the whole value chain, including composition, packaging, integration, aggregation, synchronisation, formatting, adaptation, transcoding, indexing. Additional features include the integration of both protected and non-protected components within an object, definition of relationships with other resources, metadata integration and remapping/transcoding, protection, license production and verification;
  • allow the convergence of the media and interoperability of content to enable multi-channel distributions. The framework supports content distribution:
    • on different channels such as satellite data broadcast, Internet, cellular/mobile network, wireless and traditional media supports such as CDs, DVDs;
    • via different communication technologies, particularly with Peer-to-Peer (P2P) for both B2B (Business-to-Business) and B2C (Business-to-Consumer) levels;
    • to different devices such as PC, PDA, interactive TV (i-TV), set-top box (STB), etc.;
    • with different transaction models on the same channels and content, and with flexibility.
  • adopt new methods and tools for flexible and interoperable Digital Rights Management (DRM) in order to facilitate smooth transition from paper contracts to digital licenses.
    • exploitation of MPEG-21 REL (Rights Expression Language) with specific extensions and enhancements;
    • support of different business and transactions models and their integration;
    • integration/interoperation of different DRM models such as MPEG-21 REL and ODRL OMA (Open Mobile Alliance).
  • harmonise B2B and B2C areas for DRM, bringing the DRM model in the B2B area, supporting production and protection models in the whole value chain;
  • increase content accessibility with AXMEDIS P2P platform at B2B level, which can integrate content management systems and workflows.

AXMEDIS content model is designed to support all types of cross-media contents; from simple multimedia files to software components such as games, for all kinds of applications, from personal to global scale usages including leisure, education, entertainment, infotainment as well as the management of protected content for government, healthcare, business, etc..

AXMEDIS will offer assistance and technical support to companies interested in using the platform and adopting the AXMEDIS solutions via their Affiliation.

You can have more information on AXMEDIS attending conferences and events or training courses. Axmedis 2006.
If you have any queries or comments about the project, please email

AXMEDIS is partially supported by European Community under the Information Society Technologies (IST DG-INFSO) programme of the 6th Framework Programme (IST-2-511299, Thanks to all partners and participants of the AXMEDIS project, including all User Group Experts and Affiliated Members, for their contributions, support and collaborations.

The project had an effective start in September 2004. After that the consortium has produced and published a set of documents that have been used in many forums:

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